Excuse me, but is that a chicken on your head?

Among the hundreds of things on my to-do list, somewhere near the bottom, is ‘copy pictures to CDs.’  I’m neurotic like that.  I save all of my image files on my laptop, my external hard drive and on CDs that are stored in a fire proof safe.  Except that I’m been a little slack on the CD part.  Slack for a while.  I was poking through the pictures on my laptop in the ‘Burn to CD’ file and happened upon some shots I took of my daughter back around Easter.  Of 2010.  My sister and I bought some chicks (don’t worry, they went to live on a farm after) and took the kids to the park to take some pictures of the kids with the chicks.  They loved the chicks.  A lot.  But Addison wouldn’t stop putting them on her head!  She’s lucky none of them pooped on her. 
I look at these and think ‘wow’.  My photography is so different than it was a year and a half ago, but no where near where it could be if I put more effort into it.  I’m happy to be shooting in manual now (this was all auto – if I remember correctly) but I still have so much to learn about lighting and composition.  Post-processing too.  I have CS4, but have very limited skills.  I’d love to learn more.  To have more time to practice.  To be able to do something I enjoy all the time.  Alas, that is not what life has planned for me at the moment, and that’s ok.  I’ll keep plugging along, picking up bits and pieces as I can.  I’ll be happy with what I have.
Here’s another shot from the same day.  It was a complete accident.  It far, far from perfect, but I love it.
I’m heading to the beach tomorrow afternoon for some time away from the family.  If the weather cooperates, I hope to play with my camera a bit outside.  Worse case scenario, there’s always food.  My husband thinks I’m ridiculous for taking so many pictures of food, but I think food is the perfect subject.  First, I love food.  You should photograph things you love.  Your passion for something will show through your photography if you let it.  Second, food doesn’t run away from you.  In fact, it doesn’t move at all!  You can try the exact same shot several ways to see how aperture, f/stop, etc change the shot. Food is great for learning.
I will keep taking pictures of my food.  I will keep taking pictures of my kids.  I will keep taking pictures.
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4 Responses to Excuse me, but is that a chicken on your head?

  1. I absolutely love those photos… the first one with the chicken on her head is my favorite!
    Love that you discovered a few treasures.
    And thank you for reminding me that I have some serious backing up to do!

  2. Wow what a great idea, I am going to move my pics also.


  3. I love stumbling across old pictures! This one is hilarious:-) I am practicing my photography with my new camera as well and its amazing how much there is to learn. I need to either print my pics or buy an external hard drive to copy them to. I keep thinking – where will these pictures be in 20 years since I have them all on my computer…?

  4. Sheri says:

    Yes, please keep taking pictures! I love the second one too. Perfect is in the eye of the viewer, right? The first one is so funny as she looks so innocent except for the chicken on her head! Love them!

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