Fantastic Finds Friday: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

It’s December 2nd!  You have my official blessing to begin decorating your homes.  I know you’ve been waiting on my blessing.  I’ve barely done more than think about decorating at this point.  Not necessarily for lack of wanting to, but Addison’s birthday is only a few days away and I’m just not crazy about having the house decorated for Christmas at her birthday party.  I guess it’s one of the pitfalls of a December birthday.  So, this week I’m trying to get inspired!  These are all ideas I want to try…
Martha Stewart I am not, but I think just about anyone can make one (or 50) of these…
How cute would those be hanging all over a tree?  I’m thinking shades of red rather than green…
On a budget?  You can make a ton of ornaments for very little money by using this technique from Even Cleveland.  Aren’t they cute?!
I’m a complete and total gift tag snob.  If I can’t have a beautiful, matching tag, I’ll just write your name on the bottom of your gift.  These gift tags from Warm Hot Chocolate may change my world.  First project post-birthday will be making gift tags!
I met Mom4Real through Triberr, a social networking site of sorts, that we both use.  She has such cute ornament ideas!  I saw these pearl filled ornaments and fell in love with them!  I’m considering doing an entire tree of them.  She has lots of other great DIY glass ornament ideas too!
We have a large, bulky wreath that I hang on our door each year.  It’s lighted and it’s cute, but it won’t fit between the two doors and ends up hanging outside and getting blown around by the wind.  I’ve been looking for a replacement, but I’d really like something that will fit between our doors…and wreaths are SO expensive!  Enter this pretty little project.  While this was created as a way to display Christmas cards, I’m pretty sure I can pull it off using scrapbooking paper and on a larger scale to make the perfect wreath for our front door!  What do you think?
Leslie Ashe has the cutest ornament gift idea on her blog…
Aren’t those cute???  I love the holiday themed colors, but you could make one in the colors of a favorite school or sports team, etc.  Super cute!
Have you found any great DIY Christmas decor or gift ideas?  I’d love to see them!
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  1. RAHKed says:

    Those are some really cute ideas, I love them! I found you on bloggy moms, I’m a new follower, I hope you can return the follow,

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