Finding Your Happy Place (And $400+ in Cool ‘Happy Place” Gear from Alamo!) #AlamoHappyPlace #Spon

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been waiting on Family Beach Trip 2013 since the end of Family Beach Trip 2012.  We picked our week, paid our deposit and started planning while we were still at the beach last August.  It’s the one week when we are truly able to walk away from ‘it’ all.

Oak Island is my happy place.

Travel is tough with kids, but it’s well worth it for us.  We drag my sister’s family and my mother & her husband down with us.  The kids love having all of the family in one place.  Every moment we spend packing, planning and actually getting there is paid back tenfold.

We spend as much time in the sun as we can, of course enjoying the beach, but doing other things together too.  The kids love riding the Ferry, my sister and I discovered a love for canoeing the Intracoastal Waterway and my husband enjoys quiet time on the beach.  And the food.  He really loves the food.  We cook a lot on vacation, but we’ve also found some great little eateries, and since we’ve been vacationing on Oak Island for the last 10 years, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to try new things.

I dare say that given the proper funding, it could be our permanent happy place.

Alamo isn’t buying me a beach house, but they are giving one of you a pretty sweet prize pack to make your happy places just a little happier this year!


$100 AMEX Gift Card

Audiovox Portable DVD Player with Wireless Headphones

Solace 5-in-1 Outdoor Game Set

Bellino Rolling Speaker Cooler

Aqua 5500 Waterproof Digital Camera

Alamo Sunglasses

Alamo 24oz Twist Water Bottle

Alamo Beach Towel

Alamo Rugby Stripe Tote

Aren’t you happier already?  Who wouldn’t be happy about a new portable DVD player, waterproof digital camera, an AmEx gift card and a ton of other cool gear?  I think I’d be down right giddy!


Alamo wants you to share your ‘Happy Place’ and everything that goes into happy summer travel for you.  Maybe it’s your dream destination or just simple things that would make your family trip easier…. And here’s how to do it.

One Mama.Mommy.Mom. reader will win this cool prize pack from Alamo!  To enter, follow these simple steps:

1) Create a Pinterest Board: Your board must be titled “Alamo Happy Place” and have #AlamoHappyPlace in the board description (create the board and then click ‘edit’ to enter the description).  The board should be classified as ‘Travel’.

2) Pin this page to your board, using the #AlamoHappyPlace image above and the description “Finding My #AlamoHappyPlace with a $400 Prize Package Giveaway”.

3) Share the link to your #AlamoHappyPlace Pin Board in the comments section here.

4) Pin your own Happy Place!  Once you’ve shared your #AlamoHappyPlace Pin Board in the comments here, add Pins to your #AlamoHappyPlace Pin Board that exemplify your Happy Place.  It might be where you want to travel, foods you’d like to enjoy, books you want to read on vacation or anything else that makes you think of your Happy Place.

I started my #AlamoHappyPlace Pin Board earlier today.  What do you think?  Impress me with your #AlamoHappyPlace Pin Board and you might just be our lucky winner!  Entries close at 11:59 pm March 9th, so don’t wait to get started!  A winner will be selected at random from the qualified entries (qualified = you did all 4 steps!)

This is a sponsored post… You better believe I’m getting one of the fabtastic prize packs myself, but clearly that in no way influenced my opinions on how super amazing a vacation should be!  Go forth and enter – you know you want to win one for yourself!

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    Perfect timing, I need to start thinking about our upcoming trips!

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    This is my happy place, thanks for the chance:

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    Here is my pinboard. I can feel the warm sunshine now! Awesome giveaway! You will have to teach me how to find sweet giveaways like this!

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    Alright- this is my first ever pinterest attempt

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