Five Summer Camp Truths

Summer is a magically time of the year… at least if you’re still a kid.  For the adults, it’s usually the same old, same old – but for kids of working parents, it’s summer camp season!

Five Summer Camp Truths - MamaMommyMom

1) Your kid will always smell of sunscreen and usually of sweat.  It is a semi-permanent stench, at least through the summer.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be back to just sweat by September.  When choosing sunscreen, sniff carefully.  You’ll be smelling this scent A LOT.  And forget even trying to get the smell out of their clothes.  You’ll just be lathering them up again before they throw on that t-shirt and head off to summer camp anyway.

2) Your kid will dread getting up to go, probably more days than not, but will never want to come home.  You’ll be begging them to get in the car in the morning, and again at pickup in the evening.  Where ever you need them to be is exactly where they won’t want to be.  Something about summer camp makes kids want to sleep in, but never leave once they get there.

3) Kids will be dramatic.  Best friends to worst enemies and back again inside the span of a week.  Girls are the worst.  Someone said something mean or maybe she took the color of construction paper your kid wanted.  They are NOT friends anymore.  Don’t worry, they’ll be BFFs by next week.

4) Someone will always be doing something cooler than you.  You may be taking your kid to the beach, or to a theme park or something equally summerish, but there will be at least one kid at summer camp who needs to one-up your kid’s excitement and make your trip to the beach seem less than thrilling.  We’re only a week in to our summer camp adventures and I already know about all the kids who get to take horse back riding lessons, Disney trips, etc.

5) Your wallet will never feel lighter.  Paying for daycare sucks, but somehow, the value of a hard days work goes up exponentially in the summer.  Too bad my paycheck doesn’t go up too.  In addition to higher tuition, there are all of those cool activities the kiddos get to do and all of the fees and supply costs that come with them.

What have you learned to expect from summer camp?

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8 Responses to Five Summer Camp Truths

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I never went to camp when I was a kid and neither have my kids, but I know some parents that send their kids to the Y camp.

  2. Kate K says:

    I went to Girl Scout camp every summer. Had a blast. I have 5 daughters so unfortunately I haven’t been able to send any of them to summer camp yet.

  3. Man, we thankfully haven’t had to think of these things yet, but I better start preparing myself now!!! (& my bank account!!)

  4. I never went to a daily summer camp when I was younger instead I went to an away summer camp for one summer. I had a blast and wished I could have gone for more years.

  5. We haven’t done too many summer camps with the girls only Little Gym. I’m sure we’ll come across these as they get older, C has a soccer camp coming up soon!!!

  6. Jennifer S. says:

    I got to go to camp one summer when I was about 12. Probably the best summer of my childhood! 😀

  7. Paige says:

    I wish I had gone to summer camp. I was always too shy and my mom wouldn’t make me go.

  8. Kristin says:

    We’re so lucky to have so many great options for summer camps in this area, starting as young as 3 years old all the way up to college-age! My boys usually can’t make up their minds which ones they want to attend!

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