The Forgotten Pets {Baby, It’s Cold Outside}

The Forgotten Pets {Baby, It’s Cold Outside}

Pet Neglect Freezing Temps

It’s freezing here.  Yes, I know it’s freezing over much of the US, but I felt the need to qualify it for the hand full of people reading this who aren’t freezing their tushies off in the US.  For us, wind chills in the negative temps don’t happen often.  The meteorologists keep calling this a polar vortex, but I don’t understand all that, I just know it’s cold.  Poor Kitty, Kitty – well, he knows how cold it is far better than I do.

Let me start by saying: Kitty-Kitty is not my cat.  Kitty-Kitty (as we’ve named him – we hear his real name is Milo) has an actual family – clearly one that isn’t concerned with the negative wind chill and the fact that Kitty-Kitty is at my house, begging to be let in at the back door.  Kitty-Kitty is a sweet, very loving, very tolerant cat.  I know this because my children love on him often, my dogs pester him frequently and they may have chased him a time or two.  He gets around a lot.  All of my neighbors know Kitty-Kitty.  He tries to come inside at all of our houses, even in the summer.  Kitty-Kitty probably dreams of being an inside cat.

After Kitty-Kitty showed up on my back porch with a piece of mulch stuck in his nostril last year (which I handled), I’ve been soft on Kitty-Kitty.  I wish I could just bring him in and make him ours, but my husband is allergic – very allergic – to cats.  So, as time has passed, I’ve taken to feeding Kitty-Kitty when he stops by.  Sometimes, I’ll pick him up and bring him inside for a few minutes, but I can’t let him roam for fear that he’ll get on our bed or rub all up on the couch where my husband sits.

This morning, when it was 7 degrees with a negative windchill, Kitty-Kitty was sitting on my back step – shivering – and meowing, his way of begging to be let in.

Long story short, the kids let Kitty-Kitty in while I was getting dressed and allowed him to roam free.  He ended up hunkered down under my bed, so happy about being inside where it was warm that I could hear him purring and watch him kneading the carpet with his paws.  I let him stay as long as I could, but eventually had to lure him out with tuna so that I could leave for work.  I hated to put him back out, and I kind of hated the family that he belongs to for not taking care of him.  I still do.  If I had a litter box, I think I would’ve left him inside.

Cat Under BedPets aren’t disposable.  They aren’t an afterthought.  When you make the choice to get a pet, you become responsible for their lives.  Don’t be one of those people with forgotten pets.  Please, please bring your animals in or do something to make sure they have shelter when it’s cold out.

I’m sure when I get home, Kitty-Kitty will probably be waiting for me on my porch.  I will take him in, I will snuggle with him by the fireplace and I will ultimately send him back out into the cold.  My heart will break a little, and I’m sure his will too, as he trots off to find another warm spot for the night.

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  1. Leslie says:

    You could get a crate, insulate it with pieces of memory foam, put a heating pad with a stay on switch, in the garage?They have one at Walgreens that is a little expensive, but you can toss the whole thing in the wash, internal wires and all. That is what I have done with cats that I also have helped and am perturbed at my neighbors about. I’d say a little more than perturbed….:) My cats are now on an enclosed porch. I Hope the kitty finds some safety.

    • mamamommymom says:

      My husband sucked it up and let him stay in the house for about 4 hours last night. He curled up on the couch and slept with my dog. It was adorable. I’m going to have to do something for him. I can’t let him in my garage because he will tear the weatherstripping off the door. He’s already handled that our front. I saw something on Pinterest showing how to make an insulated house using totes. I’m going to check it out a little more completely.

      • Leslie says:

        Good for him! I’ve seen those. I tried to make one at one time for a starving drop off cat, I live in the mountains, failed miserably and destroyed the container….. Not so handy. They look like they would work well ,I think. Good luck! Oh, I ended up making a very ugly, bulky thing with the heating pad, he was warm so it worked… Now he is in the much prettier porch/sunroom.

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love this post. I have been toying with the idea of getting a cat for a few months now since my boyfriend and I have finally got our own place, but it’s not something I’m taking lightly at all. Animals are a HUGE commitment- not just now but for years to come. You are awesome for being so sweet to Kitty-Kitty 🙂

  3. Deanna Ritz says:

    My heart breaks for this cat!! 🙁 I wish there was something that I could do to help him. I can’t have an animal as well because of allergies but this just breaks my heart!! So sad!!

  4. Carly says:

    That poor cat!

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