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Summer fun is just around the corner!  We all crave the slow down summer brings, but it often seems to fly by and we’re left wondering what we missed in the blur.  A fun, engaging way to make sure your kids actually SEE things this summer are these fun scavenger hunt printables.

Scavenger Hunt Nature - MamaMommyMomThese scavenger hunt printables are available pre-filled and blank (for those who want to customize the challenge to their geographic region, their child’s age, etc) and either are a great way to engage a single child or a whole group.

The links to download are as follows:

Nature Pre-Filled – HERE

Nature Blank – HERE

Car Pre-Filled – HERE

Car Blank – HERE

Vacation Blank – HERE

Scavenger Hunt Car - MamaMommyMomWe’ve got a long trip ahead of us in December, and several shorter ones between now and then, so I know we’ll be using the In The Car Scavenger Hunt Printables ourselves.  For our road trip to Disney, we’ll use the blank printable and fill in some sights specific to our drive (example: Welcome to Florida sign).  For our shorter trips, we’ll probably use the pre-filled version and offer each kid a special treat when they’ve check off all of their boxes.

The In Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables will be a standard for us on visits to the park this summer, hiking when we return to Asheville in a few months and just for walks around the neighborhood.

Scavenger Hunt Vacation Blank - MamaMommyMomFor our On Vacation Scavenger Hunt Printable, we only made a blank version.  Vacations are SO varied, sights can be SO different.  A scavenger hunt at the beach and a scavenger hunt in the mountains would be totally different – as would a scavenger hunt at Disney verses a scavenger hunt in New York City.  You’re going to have to fill this one out on your own, but make it fun and make it interesting!

If you like these printables and want to see more, let us know!  If you have an idea for a type of printable you’d like to see, just tell us!

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14 Responses to FREE Scavenger Hunt Printables

  1. OMGosh – this is such a super fun idea! I LOVE the printables. Pinned!

  2. kendall says:

    So cute! Perfect for the car!

  3. These look fun! My daughter isn’t quite old enough to use them yet, but I’ll save them for later. 🙂

  4. My kids will absolutely love these. So cute!

  5. Chelsee says:

    Omgsh this is such a cute idea! I will def. share this with some of my friends that have children!

  6. Can’t wait to do this with my girls! THANKS so much for sharing! Pinned!

  7. Ange says:

    I don’t even have kids and I am printing these, thanks!! I hate long trips!!

  8. katherine says:

    Oh these are awesome for home-school!

  9. Carly says:

    These are such a cute idea!

  10. These are so much fun! My kids love this kind of thing. Sharing! 😀

  11. Paige says:

    LOVE this! We used to do scavenger hunts at church all the time.

  12. Kendra says:

    Such a great idea!

  13. amber.m says:

    What a fun idea! Pinning this for future reference 🙂

  14. Jennifer S. says:

    So Much Fun! I remember doing things like this for “school” with my mom 🙂

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