Fun Ways to Make Learning Math Easy for Your Kid

Most kids today think of math as hard work. No matter how much they dislike it they will have to use it in school and everyday life. The studies have shown that kids who start learning math at an early age will later become better at problem solving. They are also more likely to choose a career in the fields of technology or finances. But making them practice math can be quite a trouble. That is why you should do your best to make math learning fun and interesting for them. Here are some ways to do so.

Mathematics ChalkboardUse math for fun activities

One of the best ways to get your children to practice math is to have them use it while doing something they like. Think of some fun activities they enjoy doing and try to make them implement math in them. Cooking is one of the things children enjoy helping you with and can also practice math while doing so. Let them do all the counting and measuring. This way they will feel proud because they are helping and won’t even think of counting and measuring as a form of math. Another place you can have them practice math is your car. Every time they ask you “are we there yet?” you can tell them how far your destination is and how fast you are going and have them do the counting by themselves.

Understanding the concept of math

In order for your child to become aware of what he or she is doing subconsciously, they will need to understand the concept of math. Although at this point it might sound too raw, there are ways to do it through play as well. The traditional Montessori approach to learning has developed and applied great techniques for learning math. It has been divided into levels, according to child abilities at each age. The main thing to know is that it doesn’t push or forces your child towards improvement, but rather the child himself progresses at its own pace. What is also important is that your child is playing and learning at the same time but without feeling oppressed.

AbacusHave them use it in everyday activities

Your children are surrounded by the things that require some math skills. Counting money or time and measuring things are all interesting options for your children to practice math. One of the ways to make them use math is to take your children shopping with you. Ask them to tell you the prices of the products on the bottom shelves and have your children compare them. You can also ask them to calculate how much you will pay at the counter and get them a prize if they get it right. Make this a game and do it every time you go shopping. You can also find some other interesting shopping games to play with your children. Boys also like playing with tools. Give them a tape measure and ask them how long something is.

Have them use math while playing

The best way for children to solve math problems is while playing games. There are many ways you can help them do this. There are many trading card games today that children simply adore. Look for these online and buy them cards. Explain them the rules and play the game with them. Most of these include a lot of counting and comparing numbers. They also have amazing artwork which makes it very interesting for children. You can also use your PC to have children practice math. There are many cool math games online that your children can play. Help them in the beginning and let them play on their own later. All of the games like this will improve their math and problem solving skills.

The most important thing to do is to make math look interesting for children. Once you manage to make math a part of the activities and games your children like you will have no trouble making them practice it. Just get involved and try to help them implement math in their daily lives, one day at a time.


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