Gardening: Sometimes It’s What’s Underneath

 I don’t know if I blacked out and missed a month or two or if we really just skipped most of winter and all of spring, but it’s been near 80 degrees here for over a week, and was quite warm prior to that.  We barely registered any snow here this year, and what we did get was gone in less than 24 hours.  We dealt with zero freezing rain this year (a nice break from recent winters) and the weeds in my lawn never died.  
The weeds in my lawn never died.
In fact, the weeds in my lawn have thrived.  To the point of being scary.  I finally got the yard mowed today and I’m itching all over as a result.  Something else that didn’t die… my herbs.  Usually, it gets so cold at some point during the winter that everything dies and I have to replant, herbs and all, each spring.  I usually wait until mid-April to be sure to avoid any late frosts.  This year, my garden was way ahead of me.  
I don’t bother with my garden much once my summer plants die off.  I’ve never been much of a Fall/Winter gardener.  As I started weeding my flower beds, as I decided to go ahead and weed the garden too, when what to my wondering eyes should appear…





Seeing things growing on their own in my garden, a garden I started two years ago when my life seemed so different, kind of amazes me.  From the kitchen window, it all looked very dead.  But under the dried leaves, stalks and weeds – life – and a lot of it.
It’s not always what you can see… sometimes it’s what’s underneath.
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2 Responses to Gardening: Sometimes It’s What’s Underneath

  1. Stacy Kaiser says:

    woohoo! I’m all about the MINT!

  2. flyingkitten says:

    I love it It’s fun to see new life coming up out of the ground. I have some rosemary, mint, and oregano growing like crazy right now. I love having lots of plants in my postage stamp size backyard.

    Glad you are seeing green pop up all over 🙂

    Yay for Spring!

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