10 Tips For A Healthier New Year {Free Printable} #BlogForward

Goals for 2014 {Meet and Exceed}

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My 2014 Goals #BlogForwardOut of the Mouths of Babes

My daughter’s goal for 2014 seems fairly simple.  Apparently, she wants to eat less candy.  There’s something to be said for setting realistic goals, and this is not one.  She had the best of intentions, but when it came down to it, she just didn’t have the proper motivation and follow through.  And it’s only January 31st.

There’s a reason gyms are packed in January and February.  People have done just what my daughter did and set an unrealistic expectation for themselves.  They have gone from sedentary to 6 days a week at the gym.  They’ve basically gone from zero to 60.  By the end of February, most of them have lost their steam.  What’s that saying… “Slow and steady wins the race.”  People do the same thing with non-fitness related resolutions too.  “I’m going gluten-free!”  “I’m quitting caffeine cold turkey!”.  For most people, that’s not realistic.

Kid New Years Resolutions #BlogForwardKeeping It Real

I set what I believe are 4 pretty realistic goals for myself in 2014.  Yes, I could just list them out, but writing a letter to myself sounds like a good idea.  I hope to look back on it through out the year and feel more of an emotional connection to it than I would a list.

Dear Jamie,

As a fairly realistic person, I know that the goals we set seemed well within the realm of possibility when we set them.  I hope that when December 31st, 2014 comes, we can say we were able to meet all of our goals within reason.

Our first goal, to maintain, should be easy as long as we don’t let ourself get off track.  Don’t let ourself get off track.  A fifty pound weight loss in 2013 seemed like a major accomplishment, but the real test comes in 2014, and even though we’re are focusing more on your clothing size and how things fit and look than the number on the scale, don’t let it get away from us.

Eat.  That sounds almost silly, but really, it’s quite an important goal.  Eat when we should be eating, and eat what we should be eating.  Don’t skip breakfast.  It really is the most important meal of the day.  It will set the tone for our hunger and ability to satisfy ourself all day.  When we’re hungry, eat.

Endurance isn’t something we’ve really spent much time on, at least not before 2012.  Since then, we’ve started running – and that’s great – but we aren’t really doing much to pick up the pace.  I know we’re changing that in 2014.  Spend more time in the gym doing cardio and weights.  Do it consistently to build our endurance.  It’s good for our heart, it’s good for our lungs, it’s good for our soul.

Lastly, I hope we’ve found some time for ourself in 2014.  I know we were aiming for at least 30 minutes a day, but we’re also realistic.  We’re a mom.  Some days might be more, and some might be less, but I hope we’ve learned when to declare ourself off duty.

It’s not a big list, but it’s a challenging one.  Good luck and know I love us.


Ok, so maybe it was a little cheesy to write a letter to myself, but I did it.  It’s definitely better than just writing a list.

A Reminder

In addition to giving me some ZonePerfect bars to keep me stocked with quick and easy, grab and go options, ZonePerfect also gave me this handy tip sheet with lots of information to help me (and you) stay on track this year.  I’ve been keeping bars at my office and in my pantry, just so I always have a quick, reasonable and filling option when hunger strikes.  They’ve become my breakfast of choice most mornings.

ZonePerfect Grab and Go #BlogForwardGrab That Printable

Speaking of grab and go, I know some of you want that printable for yourselves, so here you go.  Just click on the photo to open the full size file and print away.  Tape this up near your desk, hang it on your fridge, even lay a copy on your nightstand.  Use it as a constant reminder to stay the course.

Blog Forward Nutrition Tips #BlogForwardBig Plans in 2014

I know I’m not the only one with goals in 2014.  Have you made a New Years Resolution for yourself, or maybe written a list of them?  What are your goals?  I want to help you meet your goals any way I can, so share them here with me.  Is there a giveaway you’d like to see us host… something that could help you meet your goals in 2014?  Shout it out in the comments and let us know what you need to make your 2014 resolution goals a reality!

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7 Responses to 10 Tips For A Healthier New Year {Free Printable} #BlogForward

  1. I hate those January gym goers, but thankfully they have died down and my classes aren’t packed to the gills before.

  2. Laura says:

    I love the idea of endurance as a goal! It’s so important and no one really pays attention to it!

  3. so cute! love the little resolution your kid drew!

  4. LOL! The packed gyms right now are insane! Thanks for the printable! Going to tape it up on my bathroom mirror to keep me motivated!

  5. I love this!! I, too, vowed to get healthier this year and I just might write myself a letter today. Love that idea!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been working on getting healthier foods in my house for when I’m in the mood to snack… thats majorly helped with one of my goals for the year – Make better food choices & Drink Lots of water 🙂

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