We Got Married And Announced It With A Wedding Selfie

I guess you could say the Thanksgiving holiday was busy for us.  We trekked back home to NC (11 hours each way) with both cats in tow, had Thanksgiving meals at three different houses and had a wedding. Our wedding.

We had a few reasons for not telling the world (well, Facebook) what we were planning, one of which was that we wanted a small, private ceremony for our immediate families. We knew how quickly invites could spiral out of control, and we didn’t want hurt feelings, so we kept the secret from all but those close family members invited until we said our “I do”s. We took a selfie before our minister announced us, yes – during our wedding ceremony – and then post “So, we got married today” and our selfie on Facebook.

An odd way to announce a marriage? Maybe. What can I say? Maybe we’re just trendsetters!


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