How To Be A Great House Guest

At one point or another, everyone will be someone’s house guest. Chances are, you’ll have a house guest of your own at some point too. If you’ve experienced the joy (sometimes horror) of having a house guest, you know that there are good ones, there are great ones and there are the ones you want to tell you’ve moved out of state. How can you make sure you aren’t one of ‘those’ house guests? Easy! Here are a few simple tips & tricks to make you the house guest everyone wants to have visit again.

Plan Ahead

Everyone leads busy lives nowadays, but that’s not an excuse for poor planning. While the occasional unexpected “Hey, can I crash at your place?” is ok, don’t make it a habit. If you know you’re coming to town in two months and you’ll need a place to stay, touch base with your prospective host and make sure you aren’t wrecking their plans. Everyone being on the same page with dates/time of arrival and departure can help your host be ready for you too.

Bring a Gift

Let’s be real here… You’re staying for free. Show your host some sort of gratitude by bringing a gift. Maybe it’s a bottle of wine, maybe it’s a holiday decoration they can add to their collection. Pick out something that is for your host or their home.  You can even shop at and have your gift delivered right to their door.

Be Considerate

When you’re playing the part of house guest, don’t treat your host’s home like a hotel. You should be able to come and go, but within reason. If your host has small children, don’t expect to go out in the evenings and roll in at 1 am. You need to be considerate of children, animals and anything your host may already have on their calendar. Just because you’re visiting, your host’s life doesn’t suddenly revolve around you.

Think About the Neighbors

Being considerate extends to the neighbors as well. Don’t block driveways or do anything else that might be considered annoying or rude. The neighbors will appreciate your consideration and so will your host.

Pitch In

At a hotel, you are paying for normal household staples like toilet paper, napkins/paper towels and tissues. When you’re playing the part of house guest, you’re using items that your host has paid for themselves. While no one consumes a large amount of these on their own in a day, when you roll in with a family or stay multiple days, your consumption of these products adds up! Ask your host if you can pitch in a few bucks toward food or paper products, or better yet, you can order things like Viva paper towels, Kleenex tissues and Cottonelle & Scott bath tissue from and have them delivered ahead of your visit.

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2 Responses to How To Be A Great House Guest

  1. Lisa says:

    We’re always watching to make sure no one blocks driveways and we aren’t too noisy for neighbors when we have guests over!

  2. Melissa says:

    All great ideas! Especially being respectful of neighbor parking. This always happened to us in KS. Although the street was public parking it was a known thing that the street outside the specific house was parking for who lived there. There was plenty of times someone was parked there and it was super annoying.

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