Halloween Kitty Wreath

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Black Cat Halloween Wreath

Just over a year ago, we added a tiny little black ball of fur to our household.  Evie was quite the opposite of our first, Reese.  She was quiet, skittish and she hid from us for a whole week.  If it was a dark, tight space, there was a good chance she’d be hiding there.  Behind the couch was a favorite.  We would go looking for her, only to find a glowing set of green eyes.

After she got used to us, her real personality started to show.  She was curious, she was a busy-body, and she was all about playtime.  It wasn’t long before we started referring to her by nicknames… Ninja Kitty, Halloween Kitty and Mini-Panther.

Black Cat and Camera
She is always under foot.  Always.  My first trip to the bathroom in the morning?  She’s there.  She’s usually hanging out in the windows over the tub.  When I do laundry, she’s hanging out at my feet.  When we work in the garage, she stands guard by the door.  When Reese tries to nap, she’s bugging her to play.

Evie is my active ball of fur, and Reese is my dust bunny.

Black Cat in a Window
Our kitties are our babies and we treat them just like we treat each other.  Though we didn’t bring them home at the same time, both were wards of the Humane Society.  Neither started out with the finer things in life, so when we have the opportunity to treat them, we do!

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Chicken & Turkey is a fan favorite in our house.  I love that I can pop the top, feed my kitties the delicious gravy-filled flavors they love and toss the cup.  There’s no leftovers and no mess.

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Cat Crafting

For Halloween, I’m honoring my special Halloween Kitty with her very own wreath!

As you can see, both Reese and Evie like to be involved in all aspects of my life, including crafting!  Reese is more cautious about everything and Evie, well, she just jumps right in.  No instructions necessary for Evie!  A quick treat is the perfect distraction for a busy-body kitty.

Black Cat Halloween Wreath SuppliesTo make your own wreath, you’ll need a few supplies:

Wire wreath form (this one is 24″)

Decorative Mesh (3 standard size rolls for this size wreath)

A Cat-centric center piece

Hot Glue or wire for securing everything

Make A Halloween WreathStart with one color of mesh.  This should be your primary color.  Secure the end of the roll to the form with wire or hot glue.  Pull loops through each section of the wreath, one loop in each section.  Resist the urge to “fluff”.  Things will look sparse at first, but that’s ok.  Secure the end with wire.

Grab your second color of decorative mesh and repeat the same steps.  You should use your secondary color next.  The third color with be your accent color.  Pull loops of it through anywhere there’s an open spot.

Decorative Mesh WreathOnce you’ve pulled through all of your looks and secured all of your ends, you can start “fluffing” out the loops by pulling on the sides of each mesh loop to spread out the mesh.  Once fluffed, I’d suggest hanging your wreath to determine what area will be the top and what will be the bottom.  Then, you can decide the best spot to secure your Halloween kitty’s likeness.

Black Cat Halloween Wreath How ToBecause my kitty was solid black and very light, I ended up securing mine with a little black thread.  It was easier to hide than the lighter colored wire I had on hand, so use your own judgement as to what supply works best for you.  When you’re all done, your wreath is ready to hang!

Meow Mix Simple Servings at MeijerYou can pick up Meow Mix Simple Servings at your local Meijer.  Don’t forget to score the mPerks deal for 30% off!  You can also connect with Meow Mix Simple Servings at the following sites:

Do any of you have your own Halloween Kitty?  Are you honoring their likeness in any of your Halloween decorations?

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