Happy Second Birthday, Cullen!

Little man celebrated his second birthday on Thursday!
My husband and I both spent the day at work, but Cullen didn’t mind because he was hanging with Mamaw (who baked him a cake and all that jazz).  We took him out for dinner Thursday night and let him have a HUGE chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.  He was in heaven.  His sister was pretty thrilled too.  She could have cared less that it was Cullen’s birthday until she realized that she got to have cake too!
We had the official ‘friends and family’ birthday party today, and I HAVE to show off the Team Umizoomi cake my about to drop a baby any second sister made for Cullen.

And, the fondant… it’s homemade marshmallow fondant, not the nasty pre-made stuff you buy at the store.  The cake was vanilla cream cheese pound cake.  Yum.
And here are a few of the birthday boy enjoying the candles…

He starts preschool in three weeks!  My babies are growing up, and I’m totally ok with that!
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  1. Emily says:

    What a happy kid! Love the cake – and the first photo of him slapping the table is priceless!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

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