Heading for Higher Ground

Tonight, I pout.
Our vacation is being cut short by Hurricane Irene.  I’m in love with Oak Island, have been for years, and hate to leave.  We’re were going to try to ride it out until our scheduled departure Saturday morning, but at 5 PM this evening the town declared a state of emergency and all non-residents have to evacuate starting tomorrow morning at 10 AM.  We’ve spent the last 3 hours packing our bags and cleaning the house and will be on the bridge to the mainland in the morning with more people than I care to think about.
For visual reference, Irene’s track (as of this afternoon) is shown below.  See Oak Island, just north of Myrtle Beach and south of Wilmington?  Way down at the bottom of the NC coast. a.. Yep, that’s where we are.
So, tomorrow we’ll head inland.  Leaving early isn’t what we had in mind, but it is what it is.  On the upside, we’ll have an extra day to recuperate and get ourselves unpacked.  I’m sure the yard needs to be mowed, there are dogs to be retrieved and children to retrain.
But, before we leave, one last sunset…
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  1. So sorry this was cut short for you, all the more reason to plan another vacay before the year is over. Safe travels home.

  2. Mandy Rappe says:


  3. Boogers. So sorry it’s being cut short, but be safe!!!

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