Hello September – Goals, Plans and Ramblings

It’s not officially Fall yet, but September is finally here and you can feel the first hints of Fall in the air. I started writing this post on the 1st of Sept with the plan in mind of laying out my goals for the month, one of which was to share a new post every day. Clearly, being that it’s September 3rd and this is my first post, I have already missed the boat on that one. If you’ve been a reader for at least a few years, you know the frequency of what I share has become far less than what it once was.  I could blame it on the twists and turns of life, I could blame it on all of the different social media channels we (bloggers/writers/digital content creators) are expected to manage now, or I could blame it on a shear lack of things to say. The true is, I’m just tired.  Plain and simple, just tired

I have a regular day job to support my family.  I wish I made enough money off ads, sponsored content and posts for brands to support my family, but I don’t.  I spend 3-4 hours a day commuting (yes, you read that right) plus 8-1/2 – 10 hours a day at my actual job.  Personal hygiene, food intake and sleep account for most of my down time.  Thrown in some laundry, housekeeping and grocery shopping and I’m about done. I doubt most of you are interested in reading about that.  I spend most of my weekends either catching up on the things I’ve ignored through the week, or soaking up a little bit of time with the other half.

Xenia Ohio Drag Race

This weekend, we’re in Xenia, Ohio, at a NHRA (drag racing) event.   We’re camping, he’s racing and I’m writing this post from the stands.  It’s as close as I can get us to both enjoying our hobbies at the same time.  That is a new goal for me personally.  I want to spend more time on my hobbies without dragging him away from his.  We’ve spent a lot of time at The Henry Fors museum this summer trying to do just that.  I can soak up my love of history and cool random knowledge and he gets cars and all things mechanical.

So, back to goals…

I’m aiming to hit 3000 followers on Instagram, 6,000 followers on Twitter and 7,000 followers on Pinterest.  Facebook is a slow go, it always has been, but I’ve been stuck at 2,400 for what seems like forever.  2,500 would be awesome, but I’m not sure how to get there without spending a ton of money on promoting posts through Facebook Ads.

Another goal for the month is to post more frequently here.  I can’t promise a ton of recipes and crafts (you have no idea how much times goes into one of those posts unless you’re a blogger yourself), but I will aim for one recipe or craft per week and try to sprinkle in some other posts as well.  You might see less of my beatifilly photographed foods and more “this is what I’m eating” iPhone photos, but I’ll be sharing.  If you have idea for things YOU want to see, tell me!  I’ll work on it.  After all, what I’m doing here is as much for you as it is for me.  If you want to see a resource posts of Minecraft birthday party ideas or 15 minute meals, just say so.

For now, I’m going back to my low key weekend, watching cars fly down a straight track and then I’m off to make turkey sandwiches in a dirty, greasy 24′ enclosed trailer.  And if I can find someone with some coffee, I’m going to make a new friend and try to score myself a cup.  Happy Saturday.



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  1. That is way too long of a commute! I hope you make good money!

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