Help Support Your School With Box Tops For Education

Boxtops of EducationIt’s officially back to school season.  The supply lists are flying and the debates about education funding are back in full force.  There’s something about buying 36 glue sticks that makes you think about how much money is and isn’t being spent in the classrooms.  Our schools are underfunded, there’s no doubt about that, but there are ways you can help.

if you can afford it, buy those extra glue sticks, buy the copy paper and buy the 4 boxes of tissues.  Participate in boosterthons, fundraisers and program specific drives through out the year.  You can volunteer in the classroom, or even offer to do tasks from home to help the teacher out.  One of the easiest things you can do though Is participate in Box Tops for Education.

The Box Tops for Education program is one of the simplest ways outs there to help your school without spending extra time or money. When you’re at  Walmart Doing your weekly shopping, simply look for products with the Box Tops for Education logo, purchase those products, clip the coupons off the box at home and send them into the school.  For every Box Top collected, the school gets $.10.  That may not seem like much, but it really adds up!

Plus, select GeneraL Mills products found at Walmart have bonus Box Tops!  One product is worth FIVE Box Tops. That’s $0.50 each for your school!  It’s a great way to support our teachers and help them get the resources they need in their classroom without asking them to dive into their own pockets.

What if you don’t have kids in school?  It doesn’t matter!!  You can still collect Box Tops and pass them along to a friend or neighbor with children in school, or even drop them off at a school yourself!

if you participate in the Box Tops program as a parent or a teacher, I’d love to hear your thoughts or stories about how the Box Tops for Education program has helped your school.


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