Hitting the Trails: Fungi Finds

My pup and I love to hit the mountain bike trails at a local park, Fisher Farm.  On a recent trip out, our run turned into more of a nature walk when we encountered a staggering number of mushrooms (fungi!)  Of course, I had to take pictures.

So much for that run.  Fungi everywhere!And a selfie, because, well… just a selfie.  I call this my “will my dog protect me if I run into a stranger?” face.  Of course he will.  He’s fiercely loyal.  Ok, enough of that… back to the fungi.

Fairy fungiThis little guy looks like something that should have a fairy hiding under it.  It didn’t, I checked.

Blue Fungi MushroomsThese fungi were blue.. yes, blue.  They were so odd looking in color!  I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods, but this was my first encounter with blue mushrooms.

Huge mushroom - Like, as big as my dog's head!There was nothing particularly unique about this mushroom outside of it’s shear size.  The cap was as big as my dog’s head!  Gnomes could use it as an umbrella!

Where are the Smurfs?  Fungi funThis mushroom reminds me of those cheesy yard decorations.  The color was so 1970s.  Super cute…  I wished I could’ve plucked it up and taken it home.

Opposites - Mushroom FunYou can get much more opposite than these two.  One is yellow, very yellow, and odd shaped while the other is white and round (it kinda looks like cauliflower, yes?).  They were growing side by side, all alone on the edge of the trail.

Waterpark MushroomColor aside, this mushroom makes me think of a water park structure.  You know the ones, right?  Water pours down over the top and the kids play underneath?

Flat mushroom clustersThese little mushrooms were mostly flat, but they turned up ever so slightly to hold just a bit of water.  I can imagine animals like to drink from these tiny little saucers right after a rain.

Yellow mushroomsI really don’t know much about what is and what isn’t edible when it comes to fungi, but I’m gonna guess that these guys and their bright yellow hue are not a dietary win.  I would love to find a field guide to take out with me at some point though.  I have one for birds, I may as well add one for mushrooms.

Are these mushrooms edible?These are the only mushrooms I ran across on my “run” that looked like something you might find in the produce section (don’t worry – I’m not eating any unidentified fungi).

Are any of you mushroom wise?  I’d love to know what these are.  Have you found any unique or interesting things when out and about?

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  1. valerie says:

    The blue ones are probably lactarius indigo and if so is edible (if you break a piece off it’s bright blue). The yellow one beside the white one is a chanterelle and is delicious. ALWAYS make sure you’re 100% on the id as a lot are poisonous.

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