Holiday Gift Guide {The Girly Girl Edition}

2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Girly Girls

Having a girl born in December, we get hit twice each year with the girly gifts dilemma.  Admittedly, things have gotten easier since the girl fell in love with American Girl.  It would be no surprise to anyone that know us to see American Girl on the top of our Gift Guide list.

American Girl For ChristmasThe thing we love about American Girl is how well made the products are in general, and how you can customize a doll to look like your own special little girl.  American Girl offers a huge variety of accessories to make your doll the spitting image of your little girl, all the way down to the things that make them special (like braces, hearing aids, and wheelchairs.)  American Girl products do get pricey though.  There are some more budget-friendly alternatives coming up on the list, but in the meantime we are giving away an American Girl Doll of your choice.  You can hop over and enter that giveaway here: Win an American Girl Doll

With an accessory crazed girly girl, sometimes it’s necessary to find a few more budget-friendly alternatives.  In addition to the Our Generation Dolls (available at Target), which are a great alternative to American Girl, Our Generation also has a pretty amazing selection of furniture and accessories.

Our Generation Doll for ChristmasThey have a pretty amazing kitchen, some great clothes and doll sized food.  Wal-mart also carries a line of similar dolls, as does Toys R Us.

For girls who are more into Barbie (how lucky for me… my daughter loves Barbie too), Barbie keeps coming out with more and more fantastic (although still 99% plastic) toys.  On the girl’s list this year?  The Barbie Pink Glamour Camper The price is a little steep, but if you have a girl that’s into Barbie, this will wow.

Barbie Camper for ChristmasIt’s pricey, but this particular set comes with the dolls too.  In true Barbie fashion, everything is pink.  Warning: This may skew your girly girl’s idea of what camping is all about.

A personal favorite of mine this year is the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster .  Finally a more girly looking alternative to the typical black, orange and yellow Nerf products.  Maybe the kids can both have their own without fighting over which one belongs to who.  Then again, the boy likes pink too, so maybe not.

Nerf Rebelle for ChristmasIf you’re a child of the 80’s… tell me what these remind you of?

Zelfs for ChristmasDing, ding, ding!  They remind me of Trollz Dolls!  The Zelfs look so much like the little creatures we loved do much (I was always making mine have crazy hair and whatnot.)  I adore being able to share things I enjoyed from my childhood with the girl, so on her own wishlist or not, Santa will be bringing her at least one Zelf.

Feeding my girl’s artistic soul is always a challenge.  I’ve found that she loves any of the ‘do-it-yourself’ type crafts.  If you have an artistic girly girl on your hands and you haven’t bought her one of these bags, you should consider getting her a Shimmer and Sparkle Weekender bag that she can color herself.

Color & Share Getaway Bag for ChristmasSurprisingly, I’ve discovered that no matter what uncoordinated color pallet your girly girl chooses, these bags always come out cute.  There is a variety of styles available, but as I love to see the kiddos the kiddos love to head off to grandma’s, the weekender bag seems like a great choice for us.

Another option for the little fashionista, the Fashion Headbands set gives your girly girl a chance to make her own one of a kind headbands.

Fashion Headbands for ChristmasYou can allow her to let her imagination soar, and make a functional fashion accessory she can show off.  My girly loves herself some headbands, so I’m pretty sure this is a gift that will not only be fun, but very functional.

Unless you live under a rock, you already know what the Rainbow Loom is, and you probably already have one.

Rainbow Loom for ChristmasIf you don’t have one, go ahead and bite the bullet.  I haven’t come across a single kid yet that doesn’t have one because they don’t want one.  This things are all the rage right now, for kids and parents alike.  There are about a million options when it comes to bands (glow in the dark, solids, tie-dye, sparkly, etc) and you can get some pretty cool charms to put on the bracelets as well.  If you have no idea how this thing works, don’t fret.  Just hop over to Youtube.  There are plenty of 7 and 8 year olds who have videos that do a great job of giving detailed instructions.

Privacy has become a big thing for us in the last few years, and now that the girl has learned to write real sentences on her own, she’s been keeping journals.  Granted, I’m a snoopy mom and I know there’s not much in them aside from “I asked mom for pizza for dinner.”, she’s very, very determined to keep her brother who is only 4 and can’t read out of her journals.

Password Journal for Christmas

Apparently, the days of lock and key are gone.  Now there is the Password Journal to take their place.  She wants this and she wants it in a bad way.  Of all of her interests I don’t ever want her to lose, writing is one of them.  If giving her a special journal makes that happen, well, I’m sure Santa will handle it.

And finally, as if our house isn’t littered with enough of these tiny little feet killers, the girl wants more Lego blocks.  Specifically more of the Lego Friends sets.

Lego Friends for ChristmasWe’ve got a few of the smaller sets around already, but girly really, really wants one of the larger houses.  The thing I love about Lego blocks, aside from being another of those ‘from my childhood things’, is that they are another of those toys that allow her to be creative and free-play.  I really want her to remain as imaginative as she is now for the rest of her life.  Life without imagination is so boring.

Are any of these on your girly girl’s list this year?  If not, what are they hoping to see under the tree on Christmas morning?

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  1. Ashley Rehorn says:

    What a great list! Identical in a lot of ways to L’s. I LOVE the pink Nerf!! Didn’t know it was out there…..maybe it’s time to allow weapons in the house. 🙂

    L’s little brother saw the Zelfs on TV and begged for me to order L some for Christmas from him. So sweet. I actually have an original one inch tall (minus hair height) Troll doll that used to live on my Grandparent’s thermostat. When I got my first apartment in college, they passed it to me. To this day, my yellow-haired Troll lives on my thermostat.

    Fun list. Thank you for the smiles Jamie.

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