Home for the Holidays – Decorating 101

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Making your apartment feel like home for the holidaysMaking an apartment feel like home can be hard enough, but going through your first holiday season in the land of beige walls can be a little… drab.  Almost 2 months ago, I wrote a post on how to make your apartment feel more like home.  All of the tips in that post are quite relevant for the holiday season as well.  Here are a few tips geared specifically toward the holidays and ways to make your apartment feel like home for the holidays.

1) Go big, but not too big.  Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can’t have a traditional Christmas tree… and it doesn’t have to be one of those table top versions either.  Think about your space, what furniture you can relocate or how you can move things around to find the perfect spot for your tree.  Do some measuring and pay attention to the details!  When you shop for an artificial tree, most if not all of them will tell you the diameter of the tree on the box.  This is important!  Know how much of your floor space you can afford to consume, then choose carefully.  I saw quite a few full height trees that were only 3 ft in diameter.  Also, know your ceiling height.  Some apartments will let you get away with a 7.5 ft tree, while others will not.  You don’t want you angel or star crammed up into the ceiling.

2) Be thrifty, but not cheap.  You don’t have to spend a ton on decorations if you know where to shop.  Stay away from the big home stores and stick to places like Walmart or Target for the bulk of your decor.  You can pick up a special piece or two from places like Pier One or Lowes, but you do not want the bulk of your decoration shopping to happen there.  You’ll rack up a huge bill in no time and you won’t have near as much to show for it.  Watch for coupons and specials too.  I scored my tree at Walmart with a 30% discount.  Look for pieces that are inexpensive, but not cheap looking.  If you buy cheap looking pieces, your overall decor will look cheap.

Decorated Christmas Tree3) Colors are awesome, embrace them!  Your holiday decor does not have to match your furniture and everything else, but your decor should all match each other.  Coordinate!  Pick a few colors that go together and keep your decor in those families.  I chose red and green.  This is actually the first time I’ve used the traditional holiday colors for my decor!  Sprinkle those colors around your space to pull it all together.

4) Sugar, spice and everything that smells nice… The sense of smell is a crazy thing.  There are very few moments in life that we can’t relate a particular scent to.  For me, the holidays are all about cinnamon and pine.  I can’t constantly bake (that is certainly good news for my hips) and a real tree isn’t practical for me, so I take advantage of great products out there from various companies (you can find tons of holiday scents in the air care section at your favorite store) to make my home smell like the holidays.

5 Minute Holiday WreathWe’ve got our tree up, poinsettias out (artificial – the real ones are dangerous to pets!), wreath ready for the front door and my apartment smells of cinnamon and pine.  It feels like home for the holidays to me!  What defines the feeling of the holidays for you?  How do you make your space feel “holiday ready”?

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