Honey, Soy and Garlic…Oh my!

Sorry about the title.  I’m feeling quirky at the moment. 🙂  The Wizard of Oz is a totally awesome movie though.  Too bad Judy Garland went a little nutty later in life.
Anywho, today I’ve got a simple steak marinade for you, one that you probably have everything you need for right in your fridge/pantry.

Despite the bad rap soy sauce gets for being loaded with sodium, the low sodium variety is a great way to add flavor to food quickly.  You aren’t limited to only using soy in Asian cuisine.  Soy can be used in nearly anything!

This marinade is so simple that I don’t even measure.  I just pour.  Soy, honey and garlic.  That’s it.  If you want it sweeter, add more honey.  Like more salt?  Add more soy.  Love garlic?  Well, you get the idea.  My best guess for the quantities here is about 1 cup of soy, 1/4 cup of honey and 5 smallish cloves of garlic.  Just whisk it all together.  Careful though, the honey is stiff to start with and if you don’t watch it you’ll end up with soy all over your white tank top like me.

 Plop your steak in (this is sirloin tip steak), give it a flip, cover and refrigerate.  The longer the better.

It looks a little, um, funky when you take it out hours later, but I promise everything is ok.  Just ignore the color.  LOL

Into a screaming hot pan it goes…

Flip, and in comes some mushrooms and onions.  I add a little stock to help deglaze the pan and keep everything from drying out.  Cover and cook for just a few minutes (longer depending on your cut of meat).

All done.  You can slice your veggies ahead, and obviously the marinade is done ahead, so this meal literally goes from fridge to table in a matter of minutes.  So quick, so easy, so good!
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