How To Plan An Epic Night Out With Friends (And A Quick Evite Tutorial!)

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Quick and Easy Evite

My girlfriends and I, we seriously do not get enough time together.  Not even close.  With all of us being working moms and living spread out a bit (trust me, 20 miles in Charlotte traffic is a lot!), it’s hard for us to find time to get together as a group.  Coffee and one on one chatting is nice, but sometimes you just want to go to dinner with a group of friends!

Over the years, I’ve figured out that it is next to impossible to make plans that work for everyone, but there are a few tips I can share to help get the best attendance when you try to get friends together for dinner.


1 – Before you set anything in stone, throw some feelers out there!  Fire off a quick email or Facebook message to those you’d love to have attend and get an idea of their availability over the next few weeks, days that are better than others, etc.  Use the responses you get back to gauge interest, choose a location, date and time.

2 – When choosing a location, don’t pick a place just because it’s the most convenient for you!  Pick something appealing and convenient for the group!  While we are all spread out pretty far, there is a large concentration of us on the south side of Charlotte.  I live and work on the north side of town.  Oh well, south side it is!

3 – Keep in mind the ages of your friends’ children.  If there are a lot of babies or particularly young children, will your event be “family” friendly or is it an adults only event.  Make it clear up front which is the case.

4 – Reminders, reminders, reminders!  Two weeks before, a week before, two days before, and morning of.  We are BUSY MOMS and our brains get a little “full” sometimes.

For our group, Buffalo Wings and Rings was a perfect choice for dinner.  First, the location was great for our group.  Second, the food is ah-mazing! (More on that in a minute)  Third, the atmosphere is perfect for getting together a group of friends.  It’s not so quiet that you feel like your bothering other people with your group, but also not so loud that you can’t have a conversation.

When I sent out my “feeler” message on Facebook, I asked specifically about interest in dinner at Buffalo Wings and Rings and what days would work best for everyone.  After getting some feedback, I sent a date and sent official Evites. (I’ll show you how to make a cute, quick Evite graphic below).  We ended up with a group of 6 (which is pretty good for us!) and we had a great time!


Back to the ah-mazing food… First, did you know that Buffalo Wings and Rings makes all of their food using fresh ingredients?  They do!  Fresh, not frozen, and they have a chef on staff in the kitchen to ensure quality.  Here’s some of our amazing food… it was all SO GOOD!

PicMonkey Collage

As promised, here’s a quick tutorial on making your on Evite image using PicMonkey.  You can email out your invite, upload it to a Facebook event or even go old-school and print/mail them!  For this, I’m using PicMonkey.  It’s a great, and free, resource!  Check out the FlipAGram below for a visual guide to making your own Evite.

1 – Choose *Design* and pick a size

2 – Rotate your design if you want a landscape layout

3 – Choose a Background

4 – Add Text and Graphics

5 – Save and Share your finished Evite

How do you manage finding time to get together with friends?  Do you have a set day/time you meet each month or is it as hard for you to find time to get together with your friends as it is for me?  Any tips and tricks to share?


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