I feel like the Wicked Witch

I’m melting.  Seriously.  I’m amazed that I haven’t puddled on the floor yet.  It is so hot and stuff in here!
Our AC decided to go out yesterday.  While I was outside sweating to death and mowing the lawn.  I had planned on coming inside to cool down in the nice, 70 family room.  That didn’t happen.  
We’re warm blooded creatures.  I like to sleep in a nice, crisp room with temps around 64 and the fan on.  Last night it was 85 and balmy.  If the HVAC guy can’t fix it this afternoon, we’ll be searching out other accommodations.  I can’t do that again.
I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.  It’s cruel and unusual.  If I wanted to sweat in my sleep, I’d move to Texas.
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2 Responses to I feel like the Wicked Witch

  1. Jessie says:

    or FL lol 🙂 You must be so relieved to be in the midst of the cold front today. Sad when I think it feels decent outside at 91 degrees.

  2. Becka Marsch says:

    LOL I don’t miss the humidity!!

    Just wanted to let you know about Deals Steals and Freebies… I am going to try to get the website more active. I am going to keep theFacebok page the way it is, but rename the site to Coupon Diva Mom. So if you visit the site, please change the URL you go to! So it will now be coupondivamom.com.

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