What Am I Doing When I’m Not Blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I sit around and stare at the wall a lot.  I really do (<— That’s a lie.  I don’t have that kind of free time.  My blind dog is the only one in our house that spends a significant amount of time staring at the wall.  That’s a true story.)  So, when I’m not tweeting, or posting, or pinning or updating a status – what do I do?  This is the part where you learn a little more about me…

First, there’s the dreaded j-o-b.  Mama.Mommy.Mom. is a job too, but it isn’t my “I have to do this to pay my bills” job.  That job sucks up 43-1/2 hours of my time each week, plus 1-1/2 in commuting time a day, so… 51 of the 168 hours of the week.

I spend another 49 hours a week sleeping – or at least I try to.  I like sleep.  Sleep is my friend.  I do not do well without sleep.  I get cranky and cranky is bad.  Bad for me, bad for everyone.

I spend 1-1/2 hours a week leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  I spend at least 7 hours a week cooking.  I have to shower and dress at some point (we’ll say 4 hours a week, for the sake of argument.  I leave the house with wet hair a lot.)  I have about 3 hour long shows I watch each week, which I usually multitask my way through, and I try to watch the news every night.  I’m the parent on homework duty (15 minutes, 4 nights a week) and I try to spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with the kids Monday – Friday (obviously more on the weekends.)

If my math is right, I’ve got about 45-1/2 hour left…  Um, we spend a good bit of time in the car on Saturdays and Sundays.  There seems to always be a birthday party, holiday party, Scouts function or something we need to attend.  The kids love to go to the movies, so we do that as much as we can.  They also love movie time at home, so we do that a lot on the weekends too.

I love to read (I just finished Gone Girl) and I play those silly games on my iPad, like Candy Crush.  I take about a million pictures with my iPhone and occasionally break out my *big* camera (Canon Rebel XSi w/ Tamron 28-75).  Facebook is a guilty pleasure/timesuck, as is Instagram and Pinterest.  I like to sew (though I don’t do it often anymore) and hoard other craft supplies.  Lately, I’ve spent a fair amount of time with the kids and their Rainbow Loom too.

So, that’s what I do with my week.  What do you do with yours?

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7 Responses to What Am I Doing When I’m Not Blogging?

  1. I once wrote a list (by the hour) of things I did as a mom and I still have it somewhere. It’s very frustrating when people think that SAHMs of young children don’t do anything!
    Now I work from home and all three kids are at school, but I’m still expected to have a clean house, laundry down, errands run and dinner ready when I’m done picking them all up from their perspective schools!

    • mamamommymom says:

      I completely understand how you feel! Until October, I worked full-time, but part of it from home and the pressure to get everything done – stuff I would never be able to do while at a job outside of my house was ridiculous!

  2. Amber says:

    I also read! Gone Girl was awesome! I’m glad they are making a movie. I will so see it.

    I’m a SAHM so I’m generally cleaning if I’m not blogging. Or I’m writing my book. Today I scrubbed toilets. Yay.

  3. Carly says:

    Ohhhhhh I want to read gone girl!

  4. katherine says:

    When I’m not blogging I am sleeping!

  5. When I’m not blogging I think about blogging…seriously. It’s really sad.

  6. Jennifer S. says:

    I really want to read gone girl! Its crazy to me just how much time everyday life takes up! LOL

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