It Sleeps With The Fishes, Or The Bunnies

I’ve kind of promised my husband that we’d take the boy’s pacis away from him before Easter.  What the Hell was I thinking?
As you can clearly see in the very compositionless iPhone photography above, the boy is very attached to his pacis.  In fact, he usually has 2 with him.  It used to be more, but we’ve slowly been scaling it back to no more than 2.  The only reason the green one is swimming in a bowl of goldfish is because the boy was so exhausted that he let it fall out of his mouth after he fell asleep. (If the fact he was sleeping while sitting up wasn’t a clear indicator of the aforementioned exhaustion…)
How in the world and I supposed to take his one thing (well, two of the same thing) away from him?  Yes, they are bad for his teeth, I know.  But he loves them.
I’ve told him that we have to leave his pacis for the Easter Bunny, since he’s not a baby any more.  And he’s generally ok with that idea, until he remembers that it means he won’t get them back.  Then he cries.  A lot.  The ‘paci fairy’ is a no-go too.  I thought that would be a ringer considering his love for all things girly, alas he has no love for the paci fairy.  
My grandmother tried to break him of the paci once before.  She convinced him to feed his paci to the fish.  The fish in a very large pond on my dad’s property.  The pond that my grandfather had to go fish a floating paci out of after Boy Wonder threw it in and then had a breakdown once he realized he couldn’t get it back.
I realize that this is going to be far harder on me than it will be on him.  But, in my best toddler voice… 
I don’t wannnnnnt tooooooo!
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  1. I can relate to the paci…with us it was the bottle. It is hard to take away sources of comfort! As we LEAD our kids into independence, there are many more things ahead. Paci is ONE step among the many paths you will traverse together. Our prayers and BEST WISHES go WITH you, your son, and PACI!!

  2. I talked A. into giving hers to the cashier at Stop and Shop (grocery store) lol. No clue why that worked when nothing else did lol.

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