It’s all about the Tomatoes

I try to check on the garden every few days.  It’s not that it’s so huge or so far away, I can see it from the kitchen window, but it’s hard some days to make the time to actually walk out there and look at the plants.
I noticed these guys buzzing around the back yard a few days ago.
Today, there were more.  A lot more.  So, a garden check was mandatory.  Everything is ok and accounted for, which surprises me as last year they destroyed my eggplants.  Maybe our recent bird problem has it’s advantages.

See?  All is well.  This one is just a baby, but there’s one that’s going to be ready to pick soon!

And my first Red Bell will be ready soon too!

 The tomato plants are loaded.  Yay!  We’ve got a while for those yet.  The downside to not planting early and risking a run-in with frost is not having tomatoes ready yet.  We do have some great local tomatoes available though.  I’m happy for that.  In the mean time, I’ve started cruising the web for some yummy recipes to use our tomatoes in when they’re ready….
 A Fresh Tomato Tart – Cooking Healthy For Me

Tomato Pie – Annie’s Home
Tomato Tian – For The Love of Cooking
Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich – The King’s Court
Easy BLT Flat Bread Pizza – Creative Kitchen Adventures
Pickled Green Tomatoes – White On Rice Couple
Do you have a great recipe I should try?
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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the tomato recipes. I JUST wrote a post this morning entirely devoted to our tomato plant! 🙂

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