It’s Been a Crazy Week!

Since I last updated about my daughter, she’s undergone another surgery, pulled the drain out of her neck, had a followup and we’ve found out what was the cause of the abscess in her neck.  (Which, for the record, is Haemophilus Influenza – weird!)  Cross your fingers for us that this is the end of surgeries for her!  Today is the Thanksgiving celebration at her preschool and I’m thankful that she’s finally well enough to go back to preschool and dance class this week (it hurts paying for something that you aren’t using, but not paying wasn’t really an option).
In other news, I had some time at the hospital last week to work on some cute snow flake ornaments that I’ll be posting in a few days.  I’ve got a few new recipes in the works too.  We also had the most awesome family pictures taken!  I should have those back and be able to share them in a few days.  I’m really excited about them!  I’m also super excited about the Drunken Turkey I’ll be making later this week courtesy of Stephanie at Crock Pot 365.  Seriously the Best.Turkey.Ever.
For those of you checking out for the week, enjoy your family, enjoy your food and remember what you’re thankful for!
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2 Responses to It’s Been a Crazy Week!

  1. Jessie says:

    Thinking of your family Jamie. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, I did the 4 Things Meme! It was fun! Thanks for the invite!

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