It’s the Playoffs

My husband’s life seems to revolve around the schedule of the NCAA and the NFL.  His year starts in June, rather than January like mine.  Think of it as a fiscal year verses calendar year.  June, July and August are full of fantasy football gab, training camps and finally the pre-season games.  September to December become a whirlwind of games, injuries and fantasy trades.  Playoffs are in full swing come January, and the only thing I care about, the Super Bowl steals the spotlight in February.  The year isn’t over yet though, for what my husband is lacking in football, he makes up for in college basketball.  March Madness takes over.  Literally.  He takes time off from work to sit home and watch it.  He does take a minimal break in April and May before everything ramps back up in June.
 While I don’t care about sports, outside of how they impact my life through my husband, this month…this is my version of the playoffs.
Thanksgiving x 2
Birthdays x 3
Birthday Party x 1
Office Party x 2
Christmas Gathering x 4
Sleep x 0
Today is December 10th and I’ve only marked three things off my list.  By tonight, we’ll have knocked out 4.
Little Miss celebrated her 5th birthday Wednesday.  This afternoon is the big party.  I’ll torture with all the details in another post, but I will leave you today with a picture of the birthday girl, and the hope that Mama.Mommy.Mom. will be a little less neglected come January.
PS – I am really missing the kitchen.  Really, really missing the kitchen.
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3 Responses to It’s the Playoffs

  1. In your husband’s defense (put down the gun), at least he doesn’t watch baseball – its dreadful if you don’t like it. Or pro-basketball or hockey. Some guys watch it year round.
    On your side, try to make him just pick one football day. I’m a bigger college football fan than pro, so I’m allowed to watch as much as I want on Saturdays, but not necessarily Sundays – thats HGTV day for her. But the trick is that college is over by December, so I still get to sneak in pro games in December & January since I’m not watching college anymore. So with that schedule, he could watch college and still see the end of the pro season and the playoffs, while only taking up one day of the weekend.
    But if you want to piss him off and I know you do, start your own fantasy team, watch it with him and beat him in fantasy. That would drive him bonkers.
    cheers mom

  2. You are a lovely wife. I think I’d lose my mind if Elijah had to watch sports year round. There are maybe TWO games he must watch and we never have anything on during holidays.

    Although, who knows what he watches while I’m at work…maybe I’m all wrong about him! 🙂

  3. I’m with Bob: Baseball and pro basketball are hardly worth watching. If your hubby’s focused on football and college basketball, he’s got good taste.

    And while he’s distracted by the playoffs, you could always get him to unwittingly approve a three-day mommy getaway 😉

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