It’s The Simple Thing: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 17)

It’s been a week.
What started out incredibly rough – tell me this is not my life – kind of week, finished as an incredibly amazing – I don’t think it could get much better – kind of week.
If you’re new to the blog, I participate in a weekly meme at Simple As That where we share ‘the simple things’ from our week that make our lives special.  As an iPhone addict, I take the meme one step further and share 1 picture from each day that I took/shared with Instagram.  I’m on week 17 and haven’t missed a day yet.  The Simple Things meme is open to everyone, so if this is something that sounds fun/interesting, hop over and join us!
The highlight of my Sunday – Starbucks.  It was downhill from there.  I’ll spare you the details.
Sunday, April 22nd

My kids have been in rare form since Spring Break.  We just can’t seem to get back on track.  Cullen is really growing into his independence – as long as it’s not more than 6-12 inches from my hip.  He insisted that he wasn’t tired, then proceeded to have a total meltdown (during which he stripped off his clothes) and then passed out on the couch.  I love my kids most when they’re sleeping.
Monday, April 23rd

Carbs make everything better, right?
Tuesday, April 24th

Remember how I said I love my kids most when they’re sleeping…
Wednesday, April 25th

Thursday was when the week started to look up.  Granted, our field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch was rained out about an hour into the fun, but not before we had a chance to see Jimmy.  This guy – he’s Jimmy.  I don’t remember his specific breed, but he’s a bull with bad table manners.  If you hold food out for him, just above his nose, he will open his mouth and stick out his tongue for you to drop the food in.  It’s slimy, disgusting, and kind of cute.
Thursday, April 26th

We’ll call this a celebratory drink.  We got a fantastic report at the ENT Friday.  After nearly two years of a 25% perforation in my daughter’s right ear drum – with no improvement – it has miraculously closed on its own in the last 6 months!  We went in completely expecting to schedule yet another surgery and came out with such a relief!  No more surgeries! So, after a really long week, wine at 202 North Main seemed perfect!
Friday, April 27th

Saturday, we packed up and headed to Shelby (hubby’s home town) for the 15th Annual Merry Go Round Festival.  It’s basically like a mini-fair.  A $5 admission fee lets you ride all of the rides as many times as you like.  It was a total steal for a full day of fun. The girl, who is apparently afraid of very little, rode several rides with her daddy that I wouldn’t get anywhere near.  This was one of them.
Saturday, April 28th

I’m looking forward to another week, hopefully more good days than bad.  What’s on your agenda this week?
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  1. ♥ Moments and memories. Nice week after all 🙂

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