It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 11)

What a week!  Weather-wise, it’s been far more like summer than winter.  We’ve been known to have snow this time of year, but not this March.  It’s been at or near 80 for most of the week and it doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon!

Saturday night/Sunday morning, we all fell victim to that darn time change.  Who’s idea was Daylight Savings Time anyway?  It certainly wasn’t a mother.  We were brilliant and sent our kids off to the grandparent’s for the weekend, not really thinking about what we’d get back.  ‘I’m not sleepy’ quickly turned in to a melted heap of baby boy on the couch.

Sunday. March 11th

Twice a year, I dive into a little of my own personal Hell and start hanging clothes for a local kid’s consignment sale.  My house seems to stay littered with wire hangers, safety pins, out grown clothes and card stock for weeks!  I finally finished tagging on Monday, and none too soon.

Monday, March 12th

Tuesday was just gorgeous!  At least until I picked the kids up and jumped off the rock in my grandma’s yard and messed up my ankle.  I’m apparently no longer a teenager, so says my body.  But, on the upside, I did get to hobble across her yard and take a closer look at this tree/bush thing in her yard that we have since determined is a Star Magnolia.

Tuesday, March 13th

I think this was the first time in my life that this worked…

Wednesday, March 14th

 Um, yeah.  That’s my back yard.  The lack of an actual winter has really helped the weeds thrive and they’ve gotten a little crazy in the last week or two.  I need to mow.  I’ve been refusing to do it, but I’m running out of excuses.  Also, I’ve never had as many weeds in our yard as we have since keeping bird feeders.  I won’t get rid of the feeders.  I love grabbing my field guide to identify the pretties that show up to feast in our yard.

Thursday, March 15th

Judge me.  I’m ok with it.  I store my alcohol, bubbles and sippy cups in the same cabinet.

Friday, March 16th

St. Patty’s Day!  My girl (on the right) was her own stylist and insisted on the long sleeved shamrock shirt when it was 80 degrees outside.  Bitty and she were rocking the sunglasses inside late Saturday.

Saturday, March 17th

Have a great week!  I know I will…

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  1. I love your weekly recap pic posts. 🙂 They’re so fun.

    And some of our liquor stuff is in the cabinet with glasses and vitamins. The sustenance that is life – no?

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