It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 15)

Late again, but it’s week 15 and I’m still taking at least one picture each day!  I’ll be honest and say that I would be completely lost without my iPhone.  Utterly and definitively lost.

Last week was the dreaded ‘spring break’ and thus totally dominated by the kids.  It was all kids, all the time.  Even at night.  My little mama’s boy can’t seem to go more than an hour or two without reaching for me in his sleep, and well, if I’m not there – all Hell breaks loose.  Really, who wants to deal with all Hell breaking loose at 2 AM?  Not me.  Hubs and I have found, that at least for now, it’s easier on everyone if I just sleep with the boy.  Downside: There is always someone touching me.  Even at night.  I kind of value my personal space.


‘I’m not tired!’  Classic words spoken before passing out on my lap.  We had another full day of family activities on Sunday for Easter and it obviously wore him out.  Honestly, we were all pretty tuckered.  After a full day outside on Saturday and another several hours on Sunday, I think we all got our fill of Vitamin D.

Sunday, April 8th

The pup in the picture is our oldest toy poodle, Mitzi.  Addison simply thinks she’s a toy.  Mitzi is 11 and tolerates a lot.  She’s not much for getting cozy with the kids without reason though.  This was an attempt to garner possession of the boy’s blanket Monday morning.  Sadly, it was a loosing battle.

 Monday, April 9th

 After work Tuesday, my friend Sara and I headed out with my kids to our favorite yogurt place – Red Mango!  The kids have so much fun picking out their yogurt and toppings.  It’s a little stressful with tiny fingers dying to get to the topping bar, but totally worth it.  I’m fairly certain I could live on Red Mango alone.

Tuesday, April 10th

Wednesday’s are Yoga night and the kids usually hang out in child watch at the Y while I get my stretch on.  Pre-yoga, we stopped by the boy’s hair salon to get his rooster do shaped back up.  His hair had gotten so long, in just a few weeks, that we couldn’t spike it up anymore.

Wednesday, April 11th

I’m not amused with Mother Nature’s recent mood swings.  We went from upper 80’s to lower 30’s.  We’d already made the switch to the AC when Mother Nature got all wonky on us.  We woke up to a chilly 59 in the house on Thursday morning.  That made for a super fun shower.  I was certainly awake when I left the house.

Thursday, April 12th

Friday 13th – Not such a bad day after all.  Friday was a typical busy day for us, but filled with a few things out of the norm.  First, my little girl had her Kindergarten pre-screening.  It was really nothing, but I got a lot of info and she got to play some fun games.  We had time while brother was still at school to hop over to a little Cafe near the house and have lunch together.  After pickup, dance and dropping the boy off with my Mother-in-Law, the girl and I headed out to a movie (Mirror Mirror) and rounded out a day of a whole lot of togetherness.

Friday, April 13th

Saturday was a gorgeous day!  We set up dinner outside, had a fire, roasted marshmallows… it was nearly a perfect day! (Recipe for the wrap below coming this week!)

Saturday, April 14th

What was the best part of your week?  Did you do anything special?  Have you survived Spring Break or is it looming on the horizon?

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  1. Great photos. I love instagram! Looks like you had a busy but fun week 😉

  2. hennymats says:

    Love the yogurt photo! A Photo a Day is pretty cool.

    That sleeping with Mommy thing sounds familiar…it’ll get better. Really.

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