It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 20)

Week 20, I approve!

It’s been a heck of a few weeks, but everything seems to be settled back down for now, and I am so grateful for the mundane.  Everything hasn’t been routine, but far more settled.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, meant a trip to my mom’s.  She doesn’t live too far away, but any time you drag the whole family out, it’s considered a trip.  She had these beautiful lilies blooming beside her driveway and they were just too pretty to pass.

(Sunday, May 13th)

Monday ran away from me, and before I knew it, the skies were dark and the thunder clouds were rolling in…

(Monday, May 14th)

My eyes have been a source of trauma and drama for me my whole life.  I’m legally blind in my right eye and deal with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) every day.  I wear contacts to keep my right eye fairly straight, but my glasses are never too far away.  I’m normally wouldn’t be caught dead in them, but Tuesday morning meant a trip to the Opthamologist, and sub sequentially me sporting my coke bottles for a while.

(Tuesday, May 15th)

I’ve been consumed this week.  Consumed by Christian Grey.  I’ll tell you more about it later, but for now, just read the books.

(Wednesday, May 16th)

My grandma has a thing for digging up random wild plants growing around their property.  Apparently, this little beauty is called Yucca and I only know that because someone on Facebook told me so.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be stalking the random Yucca on their property, as I think it would look nice in my back yard!

(Thursday, May 17th)

After I dressed the kids for school Friday morning, Addison accessorized both of them and outfitted them with tap shoes.  The girl loves her accessories.

(Friday, May 18th)

Isn’t this place beautiful?  It’s was the venue for Cullen’s 3rd birthday party!  They had hosted a wedding last week and still had some of the decor up in the barn.  I see this place in our future again!

(Saturday, May 19th)

I’m looking forward to a relatively low key week.  How about you?

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2 Responses to It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 20)

  1. Jessie says:

    Yucca is nice but it is sharp 🙂 I wouldn’t want to fall on it anyway.

  2. Dina Lettre says:

    Lovin’ the name Cullen! 🙂 Your photos are awesome…and those lilies…WOW!

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