It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 26)

Is everyone out there surviving the heat?  I’m crazy jealous of those in cooler temperatures right now.  I remember thinking last week that the weather for TypeACon was really heating up, but it was nothing compared to the last two days.

Speaking of TypeACon, one of my favorite parts was hitting up some of the amazing restaurants that have opened in recent years in Charlotte.  Between the closing keynote speech with Rene Syler and the closing sponsor party, a few friends and I had some time to kill and we hit up Mert’s Heart and Soul.  Though I am pretty sure I could actually hear my arteries hardening with each bite, the food was ah-maz-ing.  I had their fried-green tomatoes (not pictured) and their blackened pork chop meal with seasoned rice and collard greens.  They are now on my list of places I must eat, and must eat often.

(Sunday, June 24th)

A trip to the vet for my sister’s big baby, Emma (the ginormous Great Dane) equaled a little time with my youngest niece, Charlotte.  She’s a total cutie.

(Monday, June 25th)

 The boy has been cutting molars.  The boy has also been getting up at all kind of crazy hours again.  I’m really not built for interrupted sleep.  Not at all.  I hunkered down with the boy Tuesday night so I could get a little sleep.  We all needed it.

(Tuesday, June 26th)

Little Miss Independence has started really embracing the whole ‘dress myself’ thing.  I was actually pretty proud of this little ensemble she put together on Wednesday.  Of course, it would have been better if she hadn’t gone through half of her closet to arrive at this point.  Baby steps.

(Wednesday, June 27th)

Some days at the office are unpredictable.  Especially when there’s a dog running around. (Perk of working in a family owned business: Sometimes the pets come to work.)  This is Coco.  She was a nice break for the normal spreadsheets and reports.

(Thursday, June 28th)

Friday was officially hot.  We broke the record for the daily temp and tied the all-time temp record.  Thankfully, the humidity was lower than normal, but it was still nearly unbearable.  Needless to say, we’ve turned into hermits.

I had to head into the office Saturday morning.  My awesome friend Sara was my chauffeur. Seeing as how we had to work on Saturday AND were breaking heat records again, this seemed well deserved.  Starbucks completes me.

(Saturday, June 30th)

As we start another (hot) week, we’re looking at more record breaking temps and plenty of togetherness inside the comfortable recesses of our air conditioned home.

What’s on your agenda for this week?  Any big plans for the fourth?  Share them with me here in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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3 Responses to It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 26)

  1. Really cute photos! Great to document your days and remind you of the past. I wish I had taken more photos when my kids were young. You can’t believe how much you’ll forget! 🙂

  2. rebecca says:

    always love your collection of weekly photos! 🙂 Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week. Rebecca

  3. Dina Lettre says:

    Such a sweet post!

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