It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 29)

Another week, another 7 days closer to vacation!  I know I’m not the only one who counts down.  Family vacations are stressful, but so worth it.  I’ve been in full prep mode this week, making lists, checking them twice and all that jazz.  In the meantime, it’s been a good week…
 Lazy Sunday naps we’re a great way for everyone to get some much needed rest.  My niece and nephew came to hang out for a while and this little nap made it much easier for everyone to get along.  Cullen desperately still needs his naps, but refuses them most days.  The Hubs, on the other hand, can think about sleep and pass out.
(Sunday, July 15th)
Despite a power outage at home Monday afternoon, we managed to have a little fun.  It was actually the perfect opportunity to head over to my dads for a little routine vehicle maintenance, and since he owns the place, it’s not surprising to find my brothers hanging out there sometimes.  There’s nothing wrong with playing in a garage, right?  A little grease never hurt anyone.
(Monday, July 16th)
I netted a little surprise at work Tuesday morning… Kittens! Two of them!  This little guy is Aspen.  He was all over the place, not that we minded.  His sister, Ashland, is a total cutie too, but she was a little less aggressive about exploration that Aspen.
(Tuesday, July 17th)
A quick trip out, alone, after a long day working in the yard and I was rewarded with this…
(Wednesday, July 18th)
Princess has been all about art lately.  I’m grateful.  Art is such an important part of life, I just hope she holds on to her creativity and love of art as she gets older.  She calls this my ‘museum’.
(Thursday, July 19th)
Friday afternoon, Melody from SnookySmiles Photography came by with her girls to hangout for the afternoon (read: so our kids could entertain each other and we could get some work done) and we ordered sushi for dinner.  We all love it.  It was the perfect way to finish out the work week.
(Friday, July 20th)
I’m just now realizing that Cullen wore the same outfit on Saturday that he had on Sunday.  Strange.  Anyway, we took a family trip to Target (always interesting) and made a little pit stop before hand at Coldstone Creamery.  We’re normally FroYo fans, but we had some freebie coupons from our movie theatre, so ice cream for all!
We’re continuing vacation countdown 2012 this week and hoping to make progress on the planning part.  I also broke down and started potty training the boy yesterday, so there’s no telling how this week might end.
What’s on your plate this week?
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  1. Julie says:

    What a cool recap of your week!

    We are too on the vacation countdown.
    10-day for us. Nice trip to our favorite place Cannon Beach, Oregon coast. Sadly minus the 2 oldest (both at college already 🙁 .

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