It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 34) #TheSimpleThings

Back from vacation, week 1.  Home is definitely not the beach but I supposed I’ll keep it.  I’m finding it hard to get my groove back, but we’re really flying by the seat of our pants until we get a new school routine started.

What I’m not doing now, and did not do last week, is enjoying my iPad.  We may have started a very bad habit at the beach with the kids.  If I hear ‘Can I play on your iPad?’ one time a day, I hear it fifty.  At least.  They have taken it over.  I will reclaim my iPad.  In approximately a week.  When both children are back in school.

(Sunday, August 19th)

That’s my cable bill.  Try not to have a stroke.  It’s my internet too, and I work from home, so…. Anywho, all the drop in price took was one little phone call to inquire about the cost of my service.  That’s it.  15 minutes of my time and my cable bill will be $35 less for the next 12 months (at which time I’ll just call again.)  Seriously people.  Call about your bills.  Save yourself some moolah.

(Monday, August 20th)

Why did I turn my back on Lost for so long?  If I could throw Goldfish at the kids for a week without Hubs losing his mind, I’d plow through every episode.  Sadly, there’s work and all that jazz to deal with, so Hubs and I have been trying to knock out at least one episode together each night.  We’re in season 2 now.  Don’t spoil it for me, but are you a Lostie too?

(Tuesday, August 21st)

I’m not sure if my children’s desire to ‘style’ my hair is their creativity coming out or their love of torturing others.  It was cute, but I had to fight back tears.  They’re hair pullers!

(Wednesday, August 22nd)

Boy and Hubs fell asleep on the couch Thursday afternoon.  Apparently we’d all had a big day.  I passed out on the couch a little while later.

(Thursday, August 23rd)

Speaking of Wednesday’s pain and torture, the girl and her love affair of anything sweet landed her back in the dentist’s chair.  She only had one cavity, but it makes me feel like a bad mom.  At least for a few minutes.  Then I get over it.  Seriously.  The kid has had 4 surgeries, so a filling is nothing.  She literally doesn’t even flinch when they stick the giant, giant Novocaine needle in her gums.

(Friday, August 24th)

And speaking of being a bad mother, I drug my kids out bright an early Saturday morning and dropped them into the middle of the election season craziness.  We stood in line for a little over 5 hours to get community credentials for the DNC.  Compared to their normal attitudes, they were very well behaved.  Perhaps they sensed how important this was to me?  I doubt it.  It was probably the iPads.  Strangers even commented on how well behaved my children had been.  It freaked me out a little.  (Don’t worry, they both made up for it Saturday afternoon.)

(Saturday, August 25th)

 No big plans for me this week… at least that I remember.  What’s on your plate for the last week of August?

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  1. gina valley says:

    Great pictures! Looks like you had a busy week!

  2. So cute (and selfless) to let your kids brush your hair! I bet they loved that! Thanks for the reminder about calling about your bills! That’s one of those things that I often think about, but rarely follow through on. Just need to do it!

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