It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 5)

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  Yeah for finger foods!

Congratulations to our Farm Rich winners (Vonnie J. and Audri M.) and the winner of the Flip HD Ultra Video Camera (Anita B.)!  Everyone has been contacted via email and should receive their giveaway items soon!

I settled in Sunday night with a Diet Coke, a cup of decaf from my Keurig and a Skinny Cow Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich.  Apparently I was preparing myself for the week ahead.  I was also sitting under an electric blanket while consuming said ice cream.
Sunday, January 29th

As Mondays go, the day wasn’t terrible.  Both kids have had nasty colds, but I think everyone around here has some sort of crud right now.  The kids were in a great mood Monday evening.  They did a little Prince and Princess slow dancing, then I caught a quick hug before we tried to settle everyone down for bed.

Monday, January 30th

And then Tuesday kinda sucked.  Tuesday is one of my ‘office days’.  Both kids stay with my grandma, yes – their great grandma – while I work.  Mamaw can handle nearly anything, and never calls unless someone is sick.  And I mean beyond ‘has a low-grade fever’ sick.  When my phone rang around 12:30, I knew a trip to the peds office was in our future.  Thankfully, my peds office offers after-hours hours Tuesday – Thursday, so I finished out my work day, picked up the boy and headed to the peds office for a suspected ear infection.  Unfortunately, the boy’s ear canal was gucked up and the ped couldn’t see the ear drum without cleaning them out with a Waterpik.  That was not fun.  Once cleaned, we confirmed the ear infection and headed to the pharmacy.

Tuesday, January 31st

Since boy wonder was running a fever, he got to play hookie and camp out with me Wednesday morning while his sister was at school.  He spent most of the morning laying around, but he started feeling a little better in the afternoon.

Wednesday, February 1st

I think everyone has at least a few songs that conjure up an image in your head the moment you hear it.  For me, Bittersweet Symphony is one of those.  No matter where I am or what I’m doing, it always brings me back to the movie Cruel Intentions.  Always.  It popped up in the shuffle on my drive home Thursday.  I could play it over and over.

Thursday, February 2nd

Friday here was in the 60s.  It feels more like Spring than Winter.  The kids and I did our running around with the windows rolled down.  A milkshake only seemed appropriate.

Friday, February 3rd

As evidence of our crazy weather, everything is starting to bloom already.  My loropetalum is already full of bright fuscia blooms.  We’ll probably have a freeze before it’s all said and done, I just hope it doesn’t kill all of these blooming plants!

Saturday, February 4th

If you’re wondering about the feather, it’s still parked in the same spot.  I didn’t get a chance to grab a shot of it this week.  Hopefully, it will still be waiting on me Tuesday!

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  1. Wow, what a week. It’s great that your grandmother helps out with babysitting. That’s something special. I love The Verve and “Bittersweet Symphony” too. The tears just start rolling. Hope you have a good week!

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