It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 6)

Week 6 has come to an end and I’ve managed to keep up with this whole ‘picture a day’ thing’.  I’m impressed with myself.

Thw entire week before built up to Sunday.  Superbowl Sunday.  I don’t care one thing about the football, I’m just in it for the food.  And the commercials.  I like those too.  My favorite dish on our Superbowl?  A little Caprese Salad with toasted Sour Dough French Bread. YUM!

Sunday, February 5th

  I often refer to our kids as vinegar and baking soda.  When you mix them together, something usually bubbles over.  Monday, on the way to school, I happened to look up and see this in the back seat.  The boy was staring out the window and the girl was singing to herself.  They were holding hands.  Neither had asked the other to do it, it just sort of happened.  There’s some sort of an adult life-lesson in there some where.

 Monday, February 6th

I’ve been complaining for weeks that it just doesn’t feel much like winter around here this year.  Apparently someone was listening.  My car was completely iced over Tuesday morning.  This was my view of the sun from my window.  Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to thaw things out.

Tuesday, February 7th

Our beach vacation is a ways off yet… about 6 months… I must not be the only one really looking forward to it.  Wednesday morning, the kids packed their bags and pretended to take a beach vacation in the kitchen.  It was really cute to hear Addison play ‘mom’ to Cullen.  I can’t wait for August!

Wednesday, February 8th

The feather still exists.  I missed getting a shot of it for week 5, but it’s still there.  It’s starting to look a bit weary though.  I’m still amazed that it’s laying in pretty much the same place it was two months ago.  We’ve had winds strong enough to take down banners and carry them out into the woods, but this little feather lays right there.

Thursday, February 9th

I spent Friday morning at my Dr’s office.  I hate going to the doctor.  It’s not my actual doctor, or even the visit itself, that bothers me.  It’s the waiting.  And the germs.  I can’t help but to sit in the waiting room and wonder how many germs other than the ones that brought me here are pouring into my lungs every time I take a breath.  Ick.  Anyways, the only tolerable part of the whole experience was getting to drink my coffee in peace.  I made a nice, big mug (in my sock monkey travel mug!) and kept it sealed tight until I was in the peace of the exam room.  I left with an empty cup, an RX for antibiotics and who knows what new germs.

Friday, February 10th

Two of my favorite people and I headed out for dinner Saturday night at Eez Fusion.  It’s freaking delicious.  We had to wait about an hour for a table, so we ran down the way to Gymboree and shopped for the kiddos.  We managed to kill most of the hour and finally got the page for our table.  With a wind chill of 7 degrees, we were a little frosty by the time we were seated.  The cure?  A freshly steeped cup of Fruit Paradise Loose Leaf Tea.  It was amazingly perfect for such a cold night.

Saturday, February 11th

So, that was my week.  How was yours?  Are you doing a weekly photo summary?  I’d love to link to it next week!  You can link up your favorite photos from the week over at Simple As That too!  Just click on the image below.

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5 Responses to It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Week 6)

  1. awww so precious…your little ones holding hands!!! So awesome you got a shot of that!!! I love those sweet moments… It was cold here today too!!! Holy cow…and we have been used to all the warm weather!!! Love your blog!

  2. di basnett says:

    Love that precious story and picture of your gorgeous kids in the car. One to hold on to. And how yummy does your salad look. Loved reading about your week.

  3. Chelsea says:

    Cute mug! And cute shot of the kids holding hands…what a moment! 🙂

  4. That caprese salad does look amazing! I loved reading all the little stories behind the photos I’ve been seeing all week.

  5. Cara says:

    I hate going to the doctors for the same reason! The tea looks and sounds divine. We just move to CA so we never really got any cold weather this year but I still love a hot cup of tea!

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