It’s The Simple Things: Life Passes In An Instagram (Weeks 7 And 8)

Despite my absence here for the last two weeks, I haven’t been completely off the grid.  I’ve kept up with the Instagram photo a day project I started January 1st and it’s actually fun to capture the mundane, everyday stuff that fills my week.  I know looking back to see how much my kids have changed from one day to the next warms my heart.  These are my simple things.

Sunday, February 12th –

We started Sunday a bit chilly.  Check out the wind chill.

Monday, February 13th –

Cullen sporting some new shades on the way home from the gym.

Tuesday, February 14th –

I got to work on Valentine’s Day and found a few nice surprises waiting on me from the boss!

Wednesday, February 15th –

I shipped the kids off to school and made myself some pancakes!  I skipped the delish cinnamon topping I’ve been making… it’s full of butter and a bit sinful.

Thursday, February 16th –

The feather remains…

Friday, February 17th –

SweetCakes is an awesome little bakery near the studio my daughter takes dance at.  They always have a case full of delicious, decadent cupcakes.  We stop in after dance some days to treat the kids to one of their mini-cupcakes.  I eyed this beauty, a salted caramel cupcake, and knew I had to have it.

Saturday, February 18th –

We headed south Saturday to spend the day at Discovery Place with my mom.  We had a great time!  One of my favorite areas is the aquarium.  I could watch the seahorses all day!

Sunday, February 19th –

I am raising the next Madonna.  Clearly.

Monday, February 20th –

We had our first snow of the season Sunday night into Monday.  It wasn’t much, but it was something!

Tuesday, February 21st –

I started photographing the feather that I found outside my office about 7 weeks ago.  As the snow melted, it must have gone with it.

Wednesday, February 22nd –

We got the boy a new ‘do.

Thursday, February 23rd –
Remember the snow on the day only 3 days earlier…

Friday, February 24th –

My dad got a new puppy on Valentine’s Day.  I love puppies, especially Rottweilers.

Saturday, February 25th –

My sister, baker extraordinaire, made this little masterpiece for a friend’s daughter.  I was glad we were invited to the party!

Now that you’re all caught up, how was your week?

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  1. Jessie says:

    I loved those warm days and wish they were back again! That cupcake looks delish!

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