It’s Time to ReCharge!

It’s December, a crazy-busy month for us!  Between Thanksgiving (which is technically November, but still…) birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas shopping and all of the family gatherings – Mama needs a ReCharge!  Sadly, I am not electric and can’t just plug myself in when I’m running low on juice.  Sleep evades me this time of year too.  More responsibilities creep in, children’s schedules are disrupted and the next thing you know bedtime time has long passed. 

In addition to sleep, eating often falls lower on my list of priorities (that’s bad, I know) so I look toward quick, easy to grab and go foods and snacks.  Convenience and nutrition don’t often go hand in hand.  Fast foods are very often processed, sometimes beyond recognition, and lack many essentials our bodies need.  A few weeks ago, Jennifer at MommyBKnowsBest introduced me to ReCharge, a line of natural snack mixes from Tropical Foods.

Love at first bite would be an understatement.  There are 4 of us in our house, 2 of us under 50 lbs, and we ran through three (3) 12 oz trays of these snack mixes in just under 3 days and my husband was already asking me to pick up more before what we had was even gone! 

We tried all three varieties offered:

Chia ReCharged Stix Mix
Super Charged Cranberry Blend
Dark Chocolate Energy Boost

There’s more to ReCharge than just great taste!

ReCharge ingredients are enhanced with probiotics, Omega-3, pomegranate seed oil and Chia seeds.  They also contain antioxidants and much of daily recommended daily value of vitamin B6.  What are they missing?  Cholesterol and Trans Fats!

Each of the three blends available have their own unique ingredients and flavors.  I love the Chia Stix and White Chocolate drops in the Chia ReCharged Stix Mix.  My favorites from the Dark Chocolate Energy Boost are the Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans and Dark Chocolate Cranberries.  The Yogurt Peanuts in the Super Charged Cranberry Blend were my daughter’s favorite.

Dark Chocolate Energy Boost

Super Charged Cranberry Blend

Chia ReCharged Stix Mix

ReCharge is available at Ingles and Health Home Market locations, and you should hop over right now and see where the store nearest to you is located.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed with these snack mixes!  And, with all of those holiday parties looming on the horizon, you’re going to need something for your guests to munch on.  What better way to say that you care than caring about their health?  Breakfast, lunch or dinner… anytime is a perfect time to ReCharge!

I received a free sample of ReCharge® from Tropical Foods to review; I received no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.  If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t share it 🙂

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  1. kingstongirl says:

    Thank you so much for always doing such lovely posts. I may not write often but I do read everyday. So I wanted to take a sec and say happy holidays and thanks for all the great posts!

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