Jump Start Every Day – Grab and Go Breakfast Savings with belVita


My morning routine has changed a lot of the years, but I dare say it is still pretty hectic. Some of that is self induced, especially in the Winter when it’s dark out both when I leave for work and when I get home.  It’s very rare that I actually eat breakfast before I leave the house (usually because I’m trying to squeeze every second out of the alarm clock).  I usually just grab something from the fridge and roll out at the last possible second. I always aim to pick something that is both filling and gives me the energy I need to get through the morning.

I came across belVita products several years ago.  They were in one of the “trial” boxes you see me post about from time to time.  I feel in love with them then and still buy them now.  They are a major staple in my Gran and Go routine.  Their biscuits have 4 hours of steady nutritious energy to keep you going all morning long, when served with fruit and dairy. The flavors are so delicious, it is hard to pick a favorite, but I think I have to go with Blueberry.  That’s what’s in my pantry right now, along with Vanilla Yogurt belVita Breakfast Sandwiches.


I also love that I can take a whole box to work (where I also keep milk in the fridge and fruit in the kitchen) and have myself covered in the case I forget to grab before I go!

On January 4, 2017, Ibotta will be releasing a coupon on the app. You can use the Ibotta offer to save more on delicious belVita Breakfast products at your local Walmart.  You can also visit your nearest participating Walmart on Saturday, January 7th for even more exclusive savings at belVita Breakfast in-store events.


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