Just Another Post Full of Political Spew

I don’t post about politics.  Well, I rarely post about politics – and hardly ever here – but with the Democratic National Convention being in town in less than 2 weeks, I somehow feel like I’d be falling down on my job as a part of the media (yes, bloggers are considered media) if I didn’t at least touch on the election.
I re-posted a link on my personal Facebook page last night and nearly started a war.
Women’s Reproductive Health…
Chances are, most of you reading this have a vagina.  If you don’t, that’s cool, but you’re not the majority of my audience.  I still like you a whole lot though.  That being said, no man other than my husband and maybe my gyno has any business being up in my vagina.  None.  Nada.  There is no argument you can make that will lead me to believe otherwise.  It’s not about what’s considered ‘legitimate rape’ (really?!?!), nor is it about abortion.  It’s really about nothing more than someone telling me and every other woman in America what they have decided we can/can’t do with our own bodies.
Before you vote…
Know your candidates and what they stand for.  Know the impact of the changes they want to make will have.  Know the impact those changes will have on people other than yourself.
Vote fully informed or just don’t vote.
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6 Responses to Just Another Post Full of Political Spew

  1. BOWING DOWN. Yes, yes, yes!!!

  2. Anne Loyd says:

    Finally! Glad there are other female bloggers out there with a brain. I truly have a hard time understanding other females siding with such ignorance. Thank you for speaking up for women!

  3. Agreed. It’s simple and true

  4. Agreed. It’s simple and true.

  5. Alaiyo Kiasi says:

    Shrimp? Yes, please! Love this dish, and I’m excited to try it. Kudos!

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