Keep It Classy, Charlotte

Oy.  Some days I don’t even want to admit where I live.  Last week it was the Walmart toe sucking  bandit, this week a seemingly corrupt mayor (Patrick Cannon).  Just over a year ago, it was the Petraeus Scandal and in 1987 it was the Bakkers – with so, so many scandals in between.  Personally, I think the former mayor needs to get on the line with Olivia Pope.

And while I don’t live in Charlotte proper, I did live in the city for years and it is still the city I reference when people ask what city I call home.  Short of being a Nascar fan, Mooresville, NC doesn’t mean much to people, but Charlotte seems to hit their radars.

I hate that the bad things that happen here get all the press.

Charlotte is an amazing city!  (Despite some recent questionable leadership.)  We have Discovery Place, the Charlotte Nature Museum, Latta Plantation, we are the home of Nascar, we have music, art, culture, big business, a major international airport, green space, the National White Water Center… there is something for everyone.  Yes, we have traffic (lots of it) and there is crime too (a standard in most larger cities), but life is good here.

There are corrupt people everywhere, and while I hate to even think about it, I’m sure it’s just as likely that there’s another toe sucking bandit out there somewhere else too.  If we left Charlotte, I’d miss the restaurants (Mert’s Heart & Soul and Eez are just two of many).  I’d miss the parks, the Blumenthal, the symphony.  I’d miss my favorite running spots, my favorite theaters, my favorite everythings!

I’d miss so many of the good things about Charlotte, but I’d miss the people most.  They aren’t all corrupt or toe suckers, I promise.  Most are amazingly wonderful people.  They own amazing businesses, teach our amazing children and make Charlotte a place I love.

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2 Responses to Keep It Classy, Charlotte

  1. Wilma Jones says:

    I love Charlotte, too! I live in Arlington, VA – right outside Washington, DC. I totally relate because most people know Arlington because of the National Cemetery. Love this post and the way you write. Will be following you on social media. Visiting from the SITS Girls.

  2. Brooke H says:

    I stumbled upon your blog through SITS, and how ironic is it that my husband and I are visiting Charlotte for our 5 year anniversary this weekend!? I’ve only been twice, both times for concerts and never got to stay and do the touristy thing. We are excited about it, and plan to do all that fun stuff! I can’t wait. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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