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Girl Scouts

I’ve have a long history of jumping in to take charge.  I’ve organized charitable events for non-profits, I’ve been a room mom, and I’ve even led a Daisy Troop.  Those cuties and I made masks for Mardi Gras.  Leading the Daisy troop was fun, but coordinating everything was a handful.  Paper, taped to the wall, with a marker near by was how we handled sign-ups.  It was a pain.  I didn’t know a better way.

When something needs to be done at my office, I’m the one they come to.  Organize a meeting?  Sure.  Plan a birthday surprise?  Got it.  A holiday for the staff?  Consider it done.  For the most part, I enjoy the planning.  Passing around a sign-up sheet and basically “chasing paper” is not my thing, so now that I know what VolunteerSpot is all about, I’m giving it a go.

VSpot_logoWhat is VolunteerSpot?  If you’re involved in any kind of planning where you have to track who’s doing/bringing/signing up for what, it’s your new best friend!  It only takes a few minutes to set up an activity, and you can send out the sign up via email or even share it on social media.  It’s a great way to organize any type of event.

Thanksgiving Meals

I just used VolunteerSpot to set up our company Thanksgiving Potluck.  Setting up an event takes only a few minutes.  You need to sign up for an account first… but don’t worry – there is a FREE version.  It’s exactly what I used to set up my event.  The site guides you step by step and offers video tutorials if you want to watch the process in action.  You can’t mess this up, I promise!

When I set up the potluck signup last week, it was literally the easiest things I did all day.  I would’ve spent more time making a spreadsheet than it took me to set up the form online.  Getting it out there for my group was as easy as a quick email with a link.  Our employees have been able to sign up, shoot me questions, make changes.  Easy peasy!  And can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here already?  2015 is flying by.  Before long, I’ll be sending out a sign up for our Holiday lunch!

Volunteer Spot Set Up Event

Maybe you’re organizing a can food drive at your church, or maybe it’s a smaller group and you’re just trying to get volunteers to bring snacks to book club?  You can organize any event, for any group, big or small.  You can even use VolunteerSpot to organize family get-togethers – It is that time of the year after all!

VolunteerSpot is also available on mobile!  It’s perfect for planners on the go.  Check it out…

mobile-devicesWhat will you do with all the time you won’t spend chasing paper sign up sheets???  Maybe I’ll have a quiet moment with my coffee, grab a book and enjoy the 15 minutes I’m not going to spend chasing paper today.  And that’s just today!

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4 Responses to Keeping It Organized with VolunteerSpot

  1. Kendra says:

    My friend is planning an auction right now and in charge of finding volunteers. This is perfect for her!

  2. Phyrra says:

    This looks so helpful for organization! No lost papers!

  3. LOVE VolunteerSpot! We use it at my youngest’s school for class party planning. Makes everything so much easier!!

  4. Looks like a very helpful app!

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