Last Minute Gift Guide: 6 of My Favorite Electronics

Y’all… Christmas is in 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS.  I am failing pretty hard at the Christmas shopping thing this year.  I usually get 95% of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday, but this year I had to sit out the madness and it’s just now hitting me that I have A LOT of work to do if I want everyone to have something under the tree.  This is one of those times where I am super appreciative of my Amazon Prime account.  Free 2 day shipping?  Yes, please!  My membership has more than paid for itself already this year.

So what’s out there for awesome last minute gifts?  So.Many.Things.  I put together some of the items I own that I think are pretty amazing.  Some are big, some are small, but they will all make perfect gifts for those on your Christmas shopping list.

First up, my Keurig.  I tried living without one, I failed.  I’ve even converted my boyfriend.  I’m working on my coworkers now… before long, I expect to see the office coffee maker replaced.

Next up, my Shark Steam Mop.  I have never liked mopping.  I pretty much hate it, or at least I did before I got my steam mop.  I loooove this thing!  I love seeing what it picks up off the floor and I don’t feel like I’m pushing dirty water around like I do with a regular mop.  It also gets up nasty, dried messes so much easier!  It’s far easier on my back too!

Keeping with the cleaning theme, I am also pretty in love with my Shark Rotator Lift Away Vacuum.  Yes, Shark sent me a demo model at no cost, but having used it and previously owning a Dyson, I would buy the Shark hands down.  It is so much easier to navigate and it gets under things my Dyson never could.  I am so glad I’m not using the Dyson any more!

Some of the guys I work with poke fun at me and all of my techie gadgets, but one that everyone is always curious about is my Logitech iPad Keyboard.  I’ve had my keyboard for about a year and a half now, and it goes pretty much everywhere my iPad does.  Basically, it makes my iPad like a small laptop.  It’s so much better than carrying around my laptop all the time and makes it much easier to type things like blog posts  🙂

Chargers.  Chargers, chargers, chargers.  With all of our electronics, we have chargers everywhere.  The car, the bedrooms, my office.  We’ve got several different kinds scattered around, but my favorite is the Belkin 12 Watt USB Charger.  It works with any USB cord.  Being 12 watt rather than only 10 watt means it charges devices faster.  I like that they are available in different colors too, so we can each have our own color and there’s no “she/he has my charger!”

With all the techie stuff around here, and the constant need for a charger, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I like to take some power on the go too.  That’s why I own an Intocircuit External Battery.  Actually, I own a few of them.  They are awesome!  I can get a few full iPhone charges off of one battery.  If you have someone in your life who constantly has a dead phone battery, get this.  Get it now.

So, those are a few ideas ranging from $20 to $200+ that will make excellent Christmas gifts for almost anyone on your list.  Now, get busy with that shopping!  There are about a million other awesome gifts available on Amazon, and you can get your shopping done without getting dressed.  It’s a win/win!

Personally, I’d love a new car, but that might be a little out of Santa’s price range this year.

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