Let’s Get Naked! :Coolsculpting 101:

Have you ever had the urge to strip off your clothing and run half naked through a soccer match?  Yeah, me neither – but it would be nice to feel confident enough in my appearance to consider it.  I think by now most of us know that beauty is only skin deep, but that doesn’t mean we don’t desire it.
Often times, even with diet and exercise, our bodies have certain areas that just refuse to let the fat go.  That little pooch under you belly button, love handles and the dreaded ‘muffin-top’ are just a few of the problem areas that many of us deal with, myself included.  Historically, after you’ve tried diet and exercise, your only real option left was plastic surgery.  That’s not much of an option for some people.  Plastic surgery is expensive, invasive and leaves you down and out for days to weeks or even more!  Who has time for that?  Certainly not me.  Can you see my children being ok with mom being out of commission for a week or more?

 CoolSculpting literally freezes fat cells to the point of death.  Yep.  It kills them.  Zap!  Each treatment lasts about an hour and used an FDA cleared technique to crystallize fat cells and then, over time, your body naturally eliminates them on its own!

No knives, no suction, no needles and no scars!  No healthy cells damaged and virtually no down time!
Results are visible pretty quickly, but you will continue to see changes over a few months as your body eliminated the crystallized cells.  As always, results will vary, but here are a few examples of the difference you can see without lasers, knives, needles and scars…

How awesome is that?!?

And, don’t worry – there are plenty of doctors offering CoolSculpting.  I have 15 options within a 50 mile radius! Find a center in your area here.  CoolSculpting will be at Alive After Five this week in Charlotte.  Stop by their booth to learn more about CoolSculpting or find a Charlotte area doctor and sign up for a ‘Cool Night Out’ event near you.

Want to get naked poolside?  CoolSculpting is sponsoring the Let’s Get Naked in LA sweepstakes!  The prize is a VIP getaway for two to LA, plus the cherry on top – a FREE CoolSculpting treatment before your trip!  Just click on the image below to enter and good luck!

For me, I’d love to have my pooch zapped away.  What would you have to lose to gain enough confidence to get naked?

*This post is a sponsored post, and as such compensation was received for this it – however – all thoughts, opinions and otherwise are those of the writer and were in no way influenced by the sponsor.

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  1. OH I am with you. I would get rid of my mommy muffin top. This has been interesting to learn about because you are right, we are not allowed the downtime of a procedure.

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