Letters for Home

Hosting Shinko for nearly 2 weeks was a great experience for the kids (I’m sure Shinko had a great time too) and we were very sad to send him off to his next host family last week.  He should have arrived by now, and is probably resting all safe and sound with a new little boy or little girl in Steger, Illinois.  Before Shinko headed off on his next adventure, we helped him write one more letter home about his time with us…

Dear Mom,

 Remember the boat I told you about?  Here’s a picture of me and my friends Cullen and Addison’s mom.  Her name is Jamie.  She held me tight to make sure I wouldn’t fall off the boat.

We went to the aquarium and I got to sit in a crocodile’s mouth!  He wasn’t alive, but he was still pretty scary.

I got to see some real ones too.  This one was white and had weird colored eyes!

We saw lots of other fun animals at the aquarium too, but it was pretty dark in there.  There was so much water!  We got to pet sharks too.

 My favorite part of vacation was breakfast.  We had yummy stuff like pancakes and waffles every morning.  I got my own plate, but had to be careful to keep my tail out of the syrup.

I’m sad to be leaving Addison and Cullen, but I’m very excited to meet new friends.

I miss you and love you,


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  1. Leslie Block says:

    That is so cute, Shinko sure looked like he had fun!!

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