Life Lessons As Taught By My Cat

life-lessons-catPets of all types can add so much to our lives.  Joy, love, comfort, and sometimes even frustration. There have only been a few very brief periods in my life that a pet didn’t own me.  Yes, they work their way into my heart and they rule he roost.  Little miss Reese is no exception.  She wormed her way in to my heart behind the little metal bars of her Human Society home.  She and her brother were found, abandoned, and someone brought them to the Humane Society.  My stopping by “just to look” quickly escalated into “can I take her home today?”

Reese is a constant source of entertainment, knowledge (cats are fascinating to learn from) and love (usually directed at her “daddy”.  Yes, we are those annoying people who refer to ourselves as “mommy” and “daddy”.

We could all stand to be a little more like Reese.  Reese is fearless, driven, loving, patient and full of life.  She also confuses herself for a bird sometimes, and I’m also occasionally convinced she’s part dog.

On being fearless, Reese’s curiosity knows no bounds.  Sounds, smells, new people and new things always have her attention.  She rarely hides from anything, even when you can tell she’s unsure of a new situation.  She takes car rides (probably her second least favorite thing in the world, next to bath time), and while she hates them, she is always craning her neck to see everything that’s going on in the world outside of the car.

Reese is driven.  If she sees something she wants, she stays after it, no matter how many failed attempts.  Her tenacity is a part of what makes her personality so special and makes her extremely interesting to watch.  She pairs her drive with her patience and amazing things happen.  She might not make it from the floor to our high top table today, and maybe not tomorrow, but she will keep trying new ways until she figures it out (which she now has).

Reese is so full of life. She gets sad sometimes (especially when her daddy leaves) and she might cry for a few minutes, but she never mopes. She simply moves on to something that makes her happy.  She will play with her favorite toy (a stuffed emoji from a McDonald’s Happy Meal), watch TV (seriously), chase a fly or maybe just take a nap.  Regardless of the activity, she finds a way to move on.

I’m striving to be more like Reese. More fearless, more patient, more full of life. Maybe in my next life, I’ll be a cat.

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