A Little Carolina Charm (And A Story About PR Done Right!)

Whether you’re a blogger or not, most people know what PR means… Public Relations.  Most companies either have a PR Department or work with a PR firm.  I get tons of emails, both from firms and directly from brands, pitching me products, asking me to tell you about their products or telling me why I should write about their product.  They often want me to do this for them, product unseen, and it’s not out of the ordinary that they expect me to do it for free.  I like to call those #BloggerProblems

A few weeks ago, I get this email from a local PR rep… I happen to know this particular PR rep through a mom’s group we’re both a part of.  Despite our paths crossing in a few ways, we’ve never worked together.  Anyway, it’s a “Hey, hope you’re doing well… I have a little something to drop off for you from Carolina Charm.  Is this address still correct…?” So I respond with the blah, blah doing good, yes, that’s my address, blah, blah.  Typical email fodder.

I was expecting some little piece of promo material, maybe a coffee mug,  but I come home to find this…

Carolina Charm 5A hand written note, awesome (seriously sturdy and seriously large) crate full of locally produced products and “free” coupons for more of those products, some local magazines, and a nicely done, professionally printed press release.

The best part?  They weren’t expecting something in return.  If I wanted to write about the products or the promotion, great.  If I didn’t, that was ok too.  They weren’t automatically expecting anything from me in return. If I do, (which clearly I am) great. If I don’t, that’s great too. It’s part of a media outreach for a promotion a local grocery chain (Harris Teeter) is doing to promote brands made in NC.

There are a lot of PR companies that could use this as a lesson. Reaching out without the expectation of something in return is exactly what will get you something in return.

I would love for you guys to check out these brands that were included in the basket from Carolina Charm, as many which are staples in my kitchen:


Duke’s Mayonaise

Lance Crackers

Front Porch Ice Cream

Texas Pete

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

I made a shrimp and grits dinner with the House-Autry Dinner Grits (super easy and quite delicious) last week, I had the Lance Cracker as a snack and the glass from Olde Mecklenburg Brewery has quickly become my favorite drinking vessel.

If any of you work in PR, *this* is PR done right.  If you need a PR rep, let me know – I have a great one I can share with you.  If you work with PR reps on a regular basis, what do you think about the approach of this campaign?

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5 Responses to A Little Carolina Charm (And A Story About PR Done Right!)

  1. I think it’s a great approach. Smart. Plus, I want to eat it all.

  2. That is just down right awesome and I completely agree, other companies could take a note from this one!

  3. How awesome! That is the coolest thing ever!! Props to Carolina Charm! 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yeah…. I’m TOTALLY jealous!! This crate is stuffed with awesome and I wish more brands would follow this lead!

  5. I’m loving the crate they sent it in! How awesome is that 🙂

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