Living in a Hotel – First Week Update and the Sleep Dilemma

My Nemesis

A week into life in a hotel and I am so over it.  I miss my bed.  My nice soft, pillow top mattress is crying for me.  Really, it’s me that’s crying.  That bed up there, it’s my nemesis.  It’s the Darth Vader to my Luke Skywalker.  I want to take a light saber to it.  Truly.  More on that later…

In the last week, I have made dinner in my tiny kitchen exactly twice.  We’ve had leftovers from those dinners, and had sandwiches a few nights.  We’ve eaten out twice too.  All of my pots, pans and cooking utensils are still in NC waiting on the movers to pack them up, so I was working with one deep saute pan with a lid and a spatula.  I broke down and hit up the kitchen store in Great Lakes Crossing Friday night to grab a cheap, but decent, knife and a cutting board.  Last week’s onion chopping on wax paper with a steak knife drove me to it.

Michgan More Snow

With near constant snow last week, I was more of less confined to two things last week.  1 – Sit inside my 600 sq ft prison and job hunt or 2 – Go house hunting.  I spent a lot of time last week being disappointed by the current home selection in our price range and to add to it, the job hunt isn’t progressing much either.   Disappointment coupled with lack of sleep doesn’t suit me well.  See how unimpressed I look with the snow?  And I love snow!

Sleep has by far been my biggest hurdle to living in a hotel.  Between the harder than I’m used to mattress, the other patrons (who seemingly have no concept of a normal sleep schedule or being courteous to the other patrons, and the stress of everything going on, I feel like I belong on the set for The Walking Dead as a zombie extra.  Relief was a must and it was supplied when a package showed up from Natrol.


The package was a welcomed surprise.  Both of my kids took Melatonin when they were toddlers (on into early elementary years) so I know how wonderful it can be to help with sleep problems.  Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve is a drug-free sleep aid that promotes healthy sleep patterns and a more relaxed night’s sleep.  You can take them anywhere – you don’t even need water.  You can grab a $2 coupon here.

Michigan Country Roads

Starting week two, I am finally getting a little sleep!  The house hunt had started looking up, but we just got word this morning that the 1 and only house we found that we both loved, walked yesterday and just needed a little more info on, had a contract come in on it yesterday afternoon.  I am learning a lot about the different areas outside of Detroit in all of my driving though (the area in the photo above is Brandon, Michigan) and trying to be patient in our search.  But, I will say this, everything looks a little brighter after a good night’s sleep.  Hopefully we’ll wake up to great news or an amazing new listing in the morning.

Coming up on the site later this week, I’ll have some house hunting tips for you I’ve learned through the years (I’m a licensed Broker) and a list of things that matter and things that people think matter and really don’t!

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