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Hungry Howies Love Hope Pizza

This is a pink pizza box.  So what?  It’s October and there’s pink everywhere.  Maybe you notice it, maybe you don’t.  I notice it and I always will.  I see the pink everywhere because of my grandma.  She was a crank old lady, but she loved us.  She was afraid of no one and no thing, but breast cancer still wrecked her.

This my grandma.  Based on my age in this photo, I’d guess this was sometime in late 1981.  She was mama to 5, grandma to many.  She was lucky enough to meet her great granddaughter too.  Her last few years were rough.  When I say that breast cancer wrecked her, that’s not an exaggeration.  Her mind, her body.  It all gave up on her.

She’s not the only person I’ve watched breast cancer eat away at.  That’s why I do all of the things women should do to be vigilant against the disease.  Despite all of that, I am still at risk.  So is my mom.  So is my sister.  My daughter and my niece too.  We are all at risk.  One day, I hope for there to be a sure fire way to beat it, diagnose it earlier or prevent it all together.

Love Hope PizzaThat’s why I support social projects to support breast cancer funding, like #LoveHopePizza at Hungry Howie’s.  Hungry Howie’s is donating to cancer research, giving everyone who buys pizza the chance to donate and is encouraging everyone to share their “warrior for the cause” stories.  Visit Hungry Howie’s on Instagram for more information on the project and to learn how sharing your story could win you free pizza for a year.

Join me and Hungry Howie’s in sharing your “warrior” story!  How has breast cancer had an impact on your life?  What do you do to support the cause?

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