Make A 5 Minute Christmas Wreath

About a year and a half ago, I bought a plain vine wreath at the craft store.  Since bringing it home, I’ve made a seasonal project of grabbing what I can find around the house, picking up a thing or two at the store and putting together a new wreath to suit the season.

easy christmas wreathThe original wreath project was very Spring-ish, and I shared the Halloween version that graced my door until last month over on our Facebook page.  My Christmas version is very metallic and glittery, but the holidays are all about being merry and bright!

Basically, I spent about $5 and 5 minutes putting this together.  The letter and the wreath were from my original project.  I picked up a floral pick and tinsel at Walmart.  The bow was something I had already.  There’s no glue, nothing of the sort.  The bow is attached with the wire that comes on the back, the tinsel is simply woven around the wreath and tied to itself.  The floral pick is just stuck into the wreath.  It was so easy!

You do not need to spend oodles of money on wreaths!  The initial investment is a little more, you do have to buy an actual wreath, but you can reuse it for quite some time (mine is 18 months old and still in excellent condition) and change out your look a few times a year – or more – and it’s fun!  The Dollar Tree and Walmart are both excellent places to look for things to use on your wreaths, but my personal favorite place to find my goodies is my craft stash.

Do you hang a seasonal wreath on your front door?

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